Guardian Dragon Sandstorm Ball


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Dragons are normally very impressive creatures, yet this Guardian Dragon Sandstorm Ball takes the design to a new level by adding in a wicked looking electronic gizmo that blends movement and color into one stunning visual. This impressive accent is crafted in cold cast resin, featuring a dark, hand painted, stone-like finish on the dragon and the base, which wrap around an orb that is filled with sand particulates. The base is round and decorated with arches and medieval patterning, while featuring the dragons tail, which wraps around the base too. Perched atop the orb is the dragon, which uses its claws to hold itself in place so that it can look about, head held high like the noble creature that it is. The dragons wings are spread slightly and curl around the sphere, as if it serves to protect the sandstorm globe. Of course, the truly unique feature of this accent is the globe, which, when activated, causes the particulates to move and blow, creating a miniature sandstorm within. The item is sound-activated, and it also requires AA batteries for power, which are not included. Sandstorms and dragons are two things that people do not see every day, but this Guardian Dragon Sandstorm Ball combines the two, allowing you to experience one or the other with as little effort as a casual glance or a simple clap of your hands!

Key Features:

  • Decorated with a detailed stone dragon
  • Hand painted to reveal stunning detail
  • Requires AA Batteries for power
  • Sandstorm feature is sound activated
  • A stunning and interesting little accent
  • Makes for a great home decor piece or gift idea


  • Made of cold cast resin
  • Orb is made of glass


  • Height: 10 Inches
  • Length: 6.75 Inches
  • Width: 6.25 Inches


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