Geralt Diagonal Sword Frog

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Keep your favorite LARP weapon at your side with the stylish Geralt Diagonal Sword Frog. Made from thick, high-quality leather, this frog suspends weapons diagonally from a belt and is easily adjusted for different sized swords with its three buckled straps. The metal details of the frog are made of steel and feature a powder coating for a smooth finish. Two sturdy leather straps attach the frog to a belt. It is available in multiple colors and comes in a right handed version, which is worn at the left hip, or a left handed version worn at the right hip.

Please be aware that the sizing option indicates what hip the frog hangs from. Left hangs on your left hip and is suitable for a right-hand draw, while right hangs from your right hip and suits a left hand draw.

This is a natural product, therefore, minor variations in color and texture may exist.

Key Features:

  • Holds LARP swords diagonally from belt
  • Sword holder suspended from two belt loops
  • Buckled straps allow customizable fit for sword
  • Metal buckles feature powder coating
  • Comes in right or left handed variations
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Made of thick, high-quality leather

Belt Width RangeWeapon Width Range
One SizeUp to 2 inchesUp to 2.75 inches

4 reviews for Geralt Diagonal Sword Frog

  1. Alison V.

    Overall this is a very impressive piece. It was a little different then I expected, namely that it is quite a bit larger then I expected, but despite that I really like it. The frog itself easily fits around a leather belt for about 2″ width for me and could clearly go around thicker belts. When belted around my waist (actual waist, higher then I normally wear pants) the frog hung my sword to about 1/3 of the way down my thigh. For reference, I am about 6’2″ with a 34″ inseam. Pros: -Leather seems solid. I *think* the buckles are metal but they may be plastic. Regardless they feel study and look very metallic -The rivets and rings all appear to be metal -The overall appearance is very rugged; it goes very nicely with my sword, and looks much better then the previous frog I was using. The higher price is absolutely evident on how great this looks compared to may much cheaper earlier frog. -The large leather piece behind the buckles feels like it will distribute the weight of the sword and keep it from digging in as much as other frogs Ive used -The coloration of the leather is solid and does not appear to rub off on clothes. Cons -I was expecting the metal pieces to silver, and they are definitely bronze. For me, this means I’ll need to paint the metal parts because the rest of my armor is definitely black and silver not black and bronze. -The straps are hard to tighten, and the frog does not hold my sword’s scabbard as tightly as I would like. While the straps look infinitely better then chord in my opinion, they do have less flexibility when trying to make sure the frog is tight enough. I will likely fix this by riveting a piece of felt or other padding to the inside of the leather holder to keep my scabbard from sliding out when I draw the sword. -Some of the metal appears rusted or oxidized. I think this is to give the sword frog a more ‘weathered’ look but I was not expecting it. Still not a deal breaker, and I will not be returning this item because it simply looks fantastic.

  2. evanvjerome (verified owner)

    Really great quality! Make sure you get the “Left Side” option if you are right-handed! I made that mistake 🙂

  3. larsoner217 (verified owner)

    For anyone looking for something to hold their weapons I found this to be the perfect balance between a standard frog and a fancier style sword holder. This product looks nice enough to be used with a fancier outfit but still keeps the price below $50, which was important to me, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a sword frog.

  4. Joe Zilafro (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic frog, it looks great when worn and the angle of the hanger is perfect to draw from!

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