Gathering Storm Metal Fairy Sign


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A storm is quietly gathering in the sky, but it will not stay that way for very long. Soon enough the fairy seen in the Gathering Storm Metal Fairy Sign will let loose the thunderous power she has been building and the rain will fall. This darkly colored, beautiful piece of fairy fantasy art is based on the artwork of Nene Thomas and depicts a black and white-winged fairy as she sits on a bubble under some storm clouds. The fairys skin is pale and her hair is dark, matching her wings and the black and white dress she wears. Three black and white butterflies flit around her as she waits for her magic to run its course. The signature of Nene Thomas and the year the original print was made can be seen in the bottom corner of the artwork. Each of the corners of this gorgeous fairy sign features a hole that allows for easy hanging. This heavy, 21 gauge, rust-proof steel sign has been powder coated and printed for a darkly colored image that is intended for indoor decoration, as prolonged exposure to the elements may fade the colors. Complete your fairy themed home decor or collection with this incredible piece of fairy wall art!

Key Features:

  • Depicts the artwork of Nene Thomas
  • Features holes for easy hanging
  • Sign has been rust-proofed
  • Displays beautifully dark coloration
  • Perfect for home decor and collections


  • Made from a heavy 21 gauge steel


  • Width: 15 Inches
  • Height: 12 Inches


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