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There is no denying that this FX Blood is just what the doctor ordered, assuming the doctor wanted a blood substitute that happens to look like the real thing. This blood is skin-safe, long-lasting, and water soluble for easy clean-up. As the blood of choice for film-industry professionals, this blood is designed to be as realistic as possible, featuring a rich hue that is reminiscent of fresh blood, pumped straight out of the heart and lungs. This blood is great for making convincing horror and Halloween effects, including spatters and free-flowing bleeds of all sorts. It is also great for use with any of our prosthetics that you feel might need that fresh look that only flowing blood can achieve. And being water soluble, this blood washes away with a generous application of soap and warm water. Each container of FX Blood holds 8 fluid ounces of fake blood. Whether you are looking for a little bit of blood to enhance your costume by touching up a few wounds or need a good deal of it to create a true massacre scene straight out of a zombie apocalypse, you can bet that this FX Blood will deliver just the type of spatter and stain that you are looking for.

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Key Features:

  • Looks and Flows Just Like the Real Thing
  • Features Rich, Vibrant Coloration
  • Perfect for Creating Convincing Spatters, Bleeds, and Other Bloody Decorations
  • Safe for Use on Skin
  • Washes Away With Soap and Warm Water
  • Great for Decorating Zombies, Attack Victims, Injuries, and More


  • Contains 8 fl. oz. of blood


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