French Journe Gown

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The French Journe Gown was historically worn by French women in the countryside region of Limousin, France, just before the area became famous for its porcelain. The gown is simple and elegant, accenting a womans natural beauty rather than modifying it with additional decoration. The gown is made from cotton velveteen fabric, which ensures that the gown is soft to the touch, and it is half-lined in satin, which serves to enhance the comfort of the gown when worn. No corset is needed with this gown, as the bodice serves to both lift the bosom and hold in the tummy quite nicely. The sleeves are attached via tied ribbon, which means that the gown can be worn with or without sleeves, or you can actually attempt to mix and match in your own favorite sleeves to create a completely new look. The French Journe Gown looks great on its own, although the addition of a chemise adds a classic component that helps to make the gown look that much more authentic and elegant. It is available in several different colors. The gown also features a slight measure of adjustability, as it laces up the side to accommodate any bust size. Far from the extravagant gowns that are commonly seen during balls and gala events, the French Journe Gown is a simple, attractive dress that nobility and peasantry both would have worn for occasions that called for elegance but not ostentatiousness.

Key Features:

  • Laces up the Sides
  • Features Removable Sleeves
  • A Beautiful Complement to Medieval and Renaissance Styles
  • Made in the USA


  • Made from 100 percent cotton velveteen fabric
  • Half-Lined in Satin


  • Sizing on this gown runs by waist size. Get an accurate measurement of your waist, and choose the closest option.

BustWaistOverall LengthSleeve LengthShoulder to Shoulder
22-25 Inch Waist30.5 inches22-25 inches53.5 inches20 inches13.25 inches
26-29 Inch Waist33 inches26-29 inches53.75 inches20 inches14.5 inches
30-34 Inch Waist36.5 inches30-34 inches53.75 inches20 inches16.5 inches
35-39 Inch Waist38 inches35-39 inches54 inches20 inches16.5 inches
40-44 Inch Waist43 inches40-44 inches54.25 inches20 inches17.25 inches
45-49 Inch Waist47.5 inches45-49 inches56.5 inches20 inches18.25 inches


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