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Formal White Victorian Shirt

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A magnificent piece of formal wear for the Victorian gentleman to radiate his love of classic 19th century styling, the Formal White Victorian Shirt features a winged collar design and an eye-catching pintex yoke. This white dress shirt is made from cotton for a supremely comfortable and breathable design. Due to its formal styling it pairs extraordinarily well with waistcoats and tailcoats. However, thanks to the intricate yoke design, it looks great on its own as well. Its winged collar design lends itself well to wear with a bowtie. Ensure that your steampunk outfit does not go unnoticed by wearing the Formal White Victorian Shirt.

Key Features:

  • Made from cotton
  • Inspired by Victorian fashion
  • Winged collar design
  • Pairs well with vests and coats
  • Exceptional for completing a steampunk look


  • Small: 34 to 36 Inch chest and 23 Inch sleeve length from shoulder
  • Medium: 38 to 40 Inch chest and 24 Inch sleeve length from shoulder
  • Large: 42 to 44 Inch chest and 25 Inch sleeve length from shoulder
  • X-Large: 46 to 48 Inch chest and 25 Inch sleeve length from shoulder


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