Flame Dragon Necklace

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Dragons and fire are two concepts that go well together, because, after all, dragons are known for using fire as a favored weapon. Here in the Flaming Dragon Necklace, this dragon does not breathe it, but wears it. This great fantasy necklace depicts a single flying dragon that is wreathed in flames. Its wings are spread open and its tail curls behind it, while red and orange flames cover its lower body and wrap around its tail. This dragon pendant is incredibly detailed in appearance, and it is made from a lead free metal, giving it a wonderful cast metal look and coloration. The figurine has also been hand-painted to enhance the detailing. Included with the pendant is a black cord necklace. The Flame Dragon Necklace incorporates classic dragon elements in an unexpected way, making it an attractive and wonderful addition to anyones dragon collection, as well as a great accessory to wear on any occasion.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a dragon framed by flames
  • Colorful flame details are painted by hand
  • Includes black necklace cord
  • Great accessory for any occasion
  • Fantastic personal accessory or gift idea


  • Made from lead free metal alloy


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