Double-headed Medieval War Axe


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Do you know how they say that two heads are always better than one? Well, were inclined to think that they are right, especially if they are talking about battle axes, because this Double-Headed Medieval War Axe certainly has an impressive look to it! A symmetrical, second bladed head not only adds an additional striking edge, but also weight and versatility, too! The increased mass of the head makes each swing that much heftier, while the reversed striking blade ensures that you do not have to rotate the axe to get a good back-handed swing in. Instead, you can just swing one direction, then immediately reverse it and get similar results! The axe head is crafted from carbon steel and features two curved blades, both of which have a trio of small, carved out circle accents. The axe head is mounted to a hardwood haft that is reinforced with langets along its upper half. Studded rivets down on the lower half show where it is best held and help provide a secure grip. This axe certainly looks like the weapon of a powerful warrior, and indeed, this Double-headed Medieval War Axe is just that. Display it with pride, show it off at a medieval festival, or add it to your weapon collection.

Key Features:

  • Each axe head has symmetrical curves
  • Long handle is reinforced with metal langets
  • Metal rivets form a grip
  • Great for carrying, collecting, display, and more


  • Axe head is made of carbon steel
  • Handle is made of wood


  • Overall Length: 32 Inches


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