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In the days of the old West, badges were a fairly common sight and were often worn by many who held positions of power, ranging from lawmen to government officials, and more. This Denver CO US Marshal Badge recreates one such badge from the West. As its name implies, this badge would have been worn by one of the many United States Marshals who served in the Colorado territories, helping to bring law and order to the frontier at Denver. The badge is rather simple in its design, featuring a broad, shield design that features a cut-out star design in the center, as well as engraved lettering around the badges edges and at its center. The badge is crafted from solid copper and features an antique silver finish that really highlights its design. It has also been double die struck to ensure the best detailing possible. The badge features a soldered pin on the back, ensuring that the badge can be either displayed or worn as a personal accessory. On its own, this impressively detailed badge makes for a great display piece to have along with any other western memorabilia, although the Denver CO US Marshal Badge truly looks great when it is pinned onto the shirt of an authentic looking Wild West costume.

Key Features:

  • An Authentic Looking Wild West Badge
  • Features a Cut-Out Star Design with Engraved Lettering
  • Crafted from Solid Copper
  • Has an Antique Silver Finish
  • Double Die Struck for Greatest Detailing
  • Soldered Pin Allows the Badge to be Worn
  • A Great Collectible, Costume Accessory, or Gift Idea


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