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Deluxe Charles V Sword by Marto


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The Deluxe Charles V Sword by Marto is a replica of the sword of Charles V (a.k.a. Carlos V), who is widely regarded as the first king of Spain, given that it was under his rule that the domains of Castile and Aragorn (modern-day Spain) were united. This sword is a beautiful and highly decorated replica of Charles V, who was also known as Carlos V or, alternatively, Charles I of Spain. The blade is engraved steel, with 24K gold etchings along the blade. The guard is a simple in shape but elaborate in decoration, with ornate tips on the quillions, while the grip is zamak and is genuine leather and wire-wrapped. The pommel is a double-outward curving fin that flattens out as it expands. Both pommel and guard are cast-metal, with a 24K gold-plated finish. The Deluxe Charles V Sword by Marto is very-obviously a sword for ceremony alone. Despite having a functional shape, the ornamentation on the blade leave no question as to the blades royal purpose.

Key Features:

  • Fully Tempered 420 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Features 24K Gold Etchings on Blade
  • Cast-Metal Pommel and Guard with 24K Gold Plate Finish


  • Overall Length: 48 Inches


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