Dark Angel Feather Wings


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The Dark Angel Feather Wings graces the back of an unearthly herald. Does this being provide comfort in despair or convey tidings of woe? Reveal the nature of this otherworldly messenger when adding this accessory to your costume. Dyed Rooster Schlappen feathers, dyed Pheasant Tails, and Turkey Quills comprise this stunning accessory. Long, black feathers form the body and tail of the bird-like wings. Shades of green and blue accent the small feathers that embellish the apex of each wing and the section where they join. The clear elastic straps allow for adjustable attachment at the shoulders. So many roles benefit from the addition of the Dark Angel Feather Wings, making it an essential accessory in the wardrobe of the cosplayer.

Key Features:

  • Fantasy inspired black costume wings
  • Made from real bird feathers, tails, and quills
  • Adjustable fit via elastic straps
  • Stunning accessory for Halloween or cosplay


  • Height: 28 Inches
  • Width: 34 Inches


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