Clasp Closed Chain Steampunk Overbust Corset

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Traditional steampunk style combines Victorian fashion with industrial style to deliver a look that is nothing less than jaw dropping. In that regard, this Clasp Closed Chain Steampunk Overbust Corset does not disappoint. This beautiful corset is steampunk elegance at its finest, serving as a classic corset revived and revitalized by the industrial mentality of a Steampunk world. The corset is made from high quality, 100% poly-brocade fabric that features a rich and luxurious brown coloration, as well as elegant patterning that is fashioned directly into the fabric. The corset is further enhanced with faux leather accents, including trim along the bust and hem, as well as a few accents that run vertically across the corsets surface. Further enhancing its look are rotating locks that seem to secure the front closed, as well as ten chains attached to twice as many buttons that dangle and hang on each side of the corset. The corset features a sweetheart neckline, as well as gentle curves along the bottom hem. The corset is made with a heavy duty flat stainless steel busk in the front, featuring spiral and flat steel boning throughout for an impressive level of strength. It is perfect for those who have previous experience in waist training and tight lacing garments. Grommets and high strength lacing ensure that the corset is easy to wear, while the interior is fully lined with black cotton, which enhances the garments strength and its comfort. Included with the corset is a 6 inch modesty panel or lacing guard and waist tape for extra strength. The corset comes laced in a bi-directional fashion.

This Clasp Closed Chain Steampunk Overbust Corset is made for serious tight-lacing and waist cinching, and it is ordered according to waist size. Corsets should be ordered based on the size of your desired waist, and it is generally recommended that you order approximately 2 to 4 inches below your natural waist to allow for cinching. For example, if you have a 29 inch waist, it is recommended that you order a size 26. Corsets are offered in size increments of 2 inches.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% Poly-brocade Fabric
  • Has a Sweetheart Bust Line
  • Decorated with Attractive Faux Leather Accents with Clasps and Chains
  • Features 12 Flat and Spiral Steel Bones
  • Provides Exceptional Support and Waist Conditioning
  • Has 2 Spiral Steel Bones Over the Bust
  • Flexible Steel Front Busk Closure
  • Includes Modesty Panels
  • Perfect for Wearing and Waist Training
  • An Impressive Steampunk Styled Garment


  • These corsets are sold by waist measurement. For the best fit, your corset should be ordered according to your natural waist size, minus 2-4 inches to allow for tight cinching.


  • Center Front Length: 15.5 inches
  • Back Length: 13 inches
  • Hip Measurement: Equals the Waist plus 9-10 inches
  • Bust Measurement: Equals the Waist plus 8-9 inches


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