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Checkered Airship Steampunk Trousers

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Employing the classic design of Jodhpur pants, the Checkered Airship Steampunk Trousers are an exceptional way to embody the appearance of an elegant 19th century Victorian gentleman or of a prominent airship captain. As is typical of Jodhpurs, these mens steampunk trousers feature a comfortable and roomy flared hip and upper leg portion that become snug below the knee. Buttons along the calf and ankle are used to achieve this snug fit. A cargo style pocket is featured on each leg of these pants, allowing for the storage of all of your necessities. Also featured in this design is a d-ring that is attached on the front belt loop to allow for the attachment of your accessories, such as a pocket watch. Add the unique and stylish design of the Checkered Airship Steampunk Trousers to your collection of steampunk attire.

Key Features:

  • Jodhpurs style design
  • Flared waist and upper leg
  • Snug fitting around ankle and calf
  • Features cargo style pockets
  • Button closure along calf
  • Exceptional for completing a steampunk look


  • Small: 28 to 30 Inch waist
  • Medium: 32 to 34 Inch waist
  • Large: 36 to 38 Inch waist
  • X-Large: 40 to 42 Inch waist


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