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The women of the Rhine-Danube Valley wore this simple dress over a lein or chemise, creating a beautiful style that remains appealing even to this day. The Celtic Dress is a great dress that can be worn with chemises and skirts to great effect. This dress features a simple, yet attractive style that looks absolutely fantastic when paired with classic chemises and simple skirts! The dress itself is made from quality cotton and features a boned front for dramatic, push-up shaping. A hidden pocket keeps the four pieces of spring-steel boning in place, as well as reinforcing the metal grommets that line the front. The Celtic Dress is only the outer piece that is shown here, and it does not include the chemise, the underskirt, or the ring belt. This dress is machine washable, but should be hung to dry. When you are searching for just the right look to wear out to your local fair that is beautiful but not over-the-top elegant or regal, then perhaps you should consider wearing the Celtic Dress. This stunning garment will accent your natural beauty, without the need for an over-stated, nobility influenced style.

Key Features:

  • Looks Great with Chemises and Skirts
  • Features Spring Steel Boning
  • A Beautiful Complement to Medieval and Renaissance Styles
  • Made in the USA


  • Made from 100 percent cotton fabric


  • Sizing on this gown runs by waist size. Get an accurate measurement of your waist and choose the closest option.

24-26 Inch Waist24-26 inches
27-29 Inch Waist27-29 inches
30-32 Inch Waist30-32 inches
33-35 Inch Waist33-35 inches
36-38 Inch Waist36-38 inches
39-41 Inch Waist39-41 inches
42-44 Inch Waist42-44 inches


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