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Even eating a meal can be an authentic medieval experience when you do so with historic cutlery! This Cast Medieval Cutlery Set is just such a selection of silverware to make your eating experience much more medieval with every delicious bite! This set of cutlery consists of a trio of pieces – the three staples, as far as cutlery goes. It includes a two-pronged fork, a round bowled spoon, and a knife with a short blade. The spoon features a little ringlet at its end, while the fork and knife both have ornate twists in their handles. All three come with a leather pouch for securing them for easy carrying, so that they can safely and securely go wherever you do. For an authentically medieval eating experience, proper food preparation is a must, but so too is consumption. And this Cast Medieval Cutlery Set will let you enjoy your food from medieval silverware that really looks like it came from the pages of history!

Key Features:

  • An Authentic Looking Set of Medieval Silverware
  • Includes a Spoon, Fork, and Knife
  • Also Comes with a Leather Carrying Pouch
  • A Fantastic and All-Around Useful Camping Accessory
  • A Fine Historic Collectible and Gift Idea


  • Crafted Entirely from Carbon Steel


  • Overall Length of Leather Pouch is 10.75 Inches
  • Overall Length of Spoon: 8.5 Inches
  • Overall Length of Knife: 8.9 Inches
  • Overall Length of Fork: 8.75 Inches


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