Bronze Medusa Statue


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Once a beautiful woman with lovely hair, Medusa was cursed with her scaly form and lethal gaze by the goddess Athena. Depicted here with a green serpent tail and red snakes for hair, this Bronze Medusa Statue makes a stunning gift. Crafted from cold cast bronze, this Greek mythology figure is hand-painted in metallic colors. Red snakes intertwine atop the head of Medusa, forming a curious coiffure. Wearing an armoured top and bracers, this Medusa wields a serpent-shaped bow and has a quiver with arrows slung over one shoulder. Her mouth is open in a silent battle cry in this highly detailed collectible Bronze Medusa Statue. Perfect for fans of ancient mythology and fantastical creatures, this gorgon statue will look magnificent on a shelf or desk.

Key Features:

  • Exhibits intricate detailing
  • Hand-painted in lustrous finish
  • Displays Greek gorgon Medusa with serpentine bow
  • Depicts a woman with a snake tail and snakes for hair
  • Excellent gift or home decor idea
  • Lovely on a desk or shelf


  • Made from Cold Cast Bronze


  • Height: 8.25 Inches


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