Brocade Dinner Skirt


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Whether you are wearing this striking skirt to a casual dinner party among the nobility or out and about a Steampunk city, you can rest assured that the Brocade Dinner Skirt will always help you to look your absolute very best. This attractive skirt is made from elegant brocade fabric that features a dark burgundy color and a subtle yet striking design across its surface. The skirt has a layered design, which each layer being adorned with elegant black lace, while the hem features simple yet attractive ruffling. It ties at the waist for easy wearing. The interior of the skirt features a black net lining. It might be designed for a dinner party, but you can rest assured that the Brocade Dinner Skirt is not just a one-use wonder. It is far from it, in fact, being a beautiful garment that can be used to make an elegantly formal look that is perfect for a wide range of occasions and a wide range of styles.

Please note that the brocade is offered in either paisley or floral. When purchased with the Brocade Dinner Blouse (DC1230A), we attempt to match the two. This skirt does not include or feature a skirt hike.

Key Features:

  • Made from Beautiful Brocade Fabric
  • Black Lace Decorates the Skirts Layers
  • Possesses a Black Net Lining
  • Features Elegant Ruffling on the Hem
  • A Perfect Piece to Add to Formal Steampunk and Victorian Ensembles

WaistOverall Length
Small24-26 inches39 inches
Medium27-29 inches39 inches
Large30-32 inches39 inches
X-Large33-35 inches39 inches


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