Broadsword Belt Right Hand

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The Broadsword Belt Right Hand fits a variety of sword sizes, allowing you to choose the blade that you plan to bring into battle. Made from heavy top-grain leather, this belt bases its design on 13th century originals. It has an adjustable waist band that secures with a silver-colored buckle. Two wider straps hang down at an angle. The front strap adjusts with a buckle. Meanwhile, the back strap adjusts with ties. Both form loops to hold a scabbard, not included. Together, they hang a scabbard at the left hip for a right-hand draw. This medieval sword belt is ideal for wearing with a reenactment outfit or LARP costume.

Key Features:

  • Fits a variety of scabbards
  • Setup for a right-hand draw
  • Adjusts with buckles
  • Looks great on many different characters


  • Made from heavy top-grain leather

Waist SizeBelt WidthSword Strap WidthOverall LengthSword WidthWeight
One Size37.5-47 inches1 inch1.75 inches57 inchesUp to 2.75 inches15 ounces

2 reviews for Broadsword Belt Right Hand

  1. nils.olson (verified owner)

    This is a really nice belt for carrying a fairly heavy sword on your waist. The two leather loops fit fairly secure around the scabbard. The narrower belt secures to your waist and the wider belt holds up the top of the sword. The belt holds the sword at a more level position than you might be used too, so be careful turning around or the end of the sword might strike something or someone.

  2. Brandon Lawpaugh (verified owner)

    It came in looking beautiful, and in great condition. I highly suggest conditioning your leather before use, because this guy comes out of the package a little stiff and the side of the belt facing your body will have little bits of leather shave off at first. Not a big deal, just makes a mess. Plus conditioning it will help you break in your leather without causing damage to it. So far I’ve found it fits great around the hips and my left thigh, while still being able to make adjustments and add accessories onto my belt (pouches, knives, ale horns etc.). My sword is a bit on the heavier side, and it is rather long, especially with the scabbard, but you’re able to make adjustments with your belt and it’s straps very easily and comfortably to compensate for that problem. The only concern I had were the thin leather straps that came with the belt. They’re fine, but I suggest conditioning these even more so. I accidentally broke some of mine while retightening them, but thankfully it wasn’t that bad. In the picture it shows the man having them tied together, while wrapped around him, personally I’ve found it better to have them separate and tied securely to there individual locations. Overall it’s a great product, functional and for the most part practical (hard to sit down), it gives you lots of freedom to make adjustments, and if you take care of it, it will take care of you back. Recommended.

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