Brass Wild West Jailer Keys

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While many jailors in the old west might have been tempted to lock up an outlaw and throw away the key, seldom did it actually happen. These Wild West Jailor Keys are the sort that any sheriff might have for locking and unlocking the cells in his jail. They are relatively simple in appearance, as keys were a bit less complex in those older days, although they were still quite effective, especially when it came to locking convicts behind bars. This set includes five antiqued brass keys in various sizes and shapes, as well as featuring various bits, which gives each of the keys a more distinctive look. They are attached to a large metal ring, which features a belt-ring for easy carrying. The ring is also cut open at one side, so that keys can be removed or added, as desired. Of course, there is not a jail cell door that comes with them, but that does not make these Wild West Jailors Keys any less of a great accessory to show off in your decor. And when you wear them at your side and the jingle along with each step, you will see that they make a great accessory for a jailor or a sheriff, too.

Key Features:

  • All-Metal Construction
  • Features an Aged, Brass Finish
  • Includes Five Keys with Different Bit Shapes
  • Comes on a Big Metal Ring for Display or Carrying
  • A Great Collectible, Gift Idea or Costume Piece


  • Longest Key Length: 5.8 Inches
  • Weight: 6 Ounces


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