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For many warriors, their shield was a personal work, emblazoned with their house seal, family crest, or personal crest. This Blank Round Shield allows you to create your own shield, to show off whatever design you wish to carry into battle. This shield is made entirely from poplar wood and possesses strength enough to be a durable defense for any warrior to carry into combat. The shield possesses a mild steel boss at the center. The shield face is overlaid with a binding of linen, and it comes primed and ready paint. The argent field, or white face, ensures that the shield will easily display almost any design you can think of!With time and effort, you can create your own heraldry and your own crest, to hang on your wall or use as your preferred defense when you head into battle. The shield has an overall diameter of about 36 inches. So if you have always wanted to paint your own shield, this Blank Round Shield gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Key Features:

  • An Authentic and Blank-Faced Medieval Round Shield
  • Fitted with a Mild Steel Central Boss
  • Shield comes primed and ready to paint
  • A Great Do-It-Yourself Project for Creating your Own Shield
  • A Fully Functional Round Shield
  • Features a Central Grip on the Back
  • Great For Costume Use, Display, and Mock-Battles


  • Made from poplar wood
  • Overlaid with a binding of linen


  • Diameter: 36 Inches
  • Thickness: 0.5 Inch


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