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Black Victorian Trousers

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Featuring a stylish high-waist Victorian cut that pairs exquisitely with suspenders and a matching period shirt, the Black Victorian Trousers are a magnificent way for steampunk fans to embody the look of a dapper Victorian gentleman. Allowing for the simplified use of suspenders, several buttons are located along the waistband. An adjustable buckled strap is located on the back of this design, just below the waistband, which allows for the perfect fit for you. There are two front pockets and one on the back, providing ample space to carry your necessities. These mens pants are made from a polyester viscose blend known as Tussar fabric, which creates a lightweight and breathable design. Imbue a touch of Victorianism into your attire with the Black Victorian Trousers.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by Victorian fashion
  • High-waist design
  • Made from Tussar fabric
  • Features buttons along the waistband for suspenders
  • Adjustable strap on the back
  • Exceptional for completing a steampunk look


  • Small: 28 to 30 Inch waist with a 31 Inch inseam
  • Medium: 32 to 34 Inch waist with a 31 Inch inseam
  • Large: 36 to 38 Inch waist with a 31 Inch inseam
  • X-Large: 40 to 42 Inch waist with a 31 Inch inseam


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