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Black Tasseled Medieval Sporran Pouch

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Originally, the sporran was a Scottish pouch worn with kilts of the day so that men would have something similar to a pocket. You can use this Black Tasseled Medieval Sporran Pouch in much the same way as they would have in history. This sporran combines the classic shape with a more modernized style, although it keeps to the traditional look quite nicely. The rounded shape is complemented by a flap lid with a snap, which helps secure all your belongings within. The exterior of the sporran is accented by a trio of black leather tassels that hang down its front. Included with the sporran is a black leather band with buckle and chain attachments, which is all the hardware you need to hang the sporran from your waist, whether you are wearing a kilt or just missing a belt. Either way, though, this Black Tasseled Medieval Sporran Pouch will serve you well, whether it is hanging center on your kilt and holding your modern accessories or hanging at your hip at a Ren fair.

Key Features:

  • Features a flap closure secured with a snap
  • Front is decorated with three leather tassels
  • Includes buckle belt and chain hardware for wearing
  • Ideal for storing small essentials
  • Great for Ren fairs, wearing with a kilt, and more


  • Made of leather


  • Length: 8 Inches
  • Width: 7 Inches


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