Black 1881 Western Stage Coach Shotgun


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Calling shotgun when getting into your car originated in the Wild West. Originally, guards would ride next to a stage coach driver with an Black 1881 Western Stage Coach Shotgun to help keep the coach, occupants, and cargo safe. Thus, now when you call shotgun, you are stating your desire to ride next to the driver. The shotgun was the obvious weapon of choice when it came to carrying a gun on a bumpy coach ride, as the spread of a shotgun blast made up for a slightly less than accurate shot. This stunning replica features a hard-wood stock and a dark, antiqued metal barrel that gives this gun a stunning and realistic look, so much so that it looks like the double-barreled percussion cap shotguns of 1881 design. The replica features a top locking lever that, when triggered, allows the barrel to break open, revealing the inside of the lead-spitting barrels. Both hammers on the barrels cock back, and when you finger the double triggers, the hammers will fall with appropriate rhythm. This replica shotgun measures approximately 35 inches long. Please note that this is a decorative replica shotgun and that in spite of its realistic look and its moving parts, it cannot be converted into a working firearm that fires live ammo. Also, it should not be excessively dry fired. Once upon a time, a shotgun might have been last defense, as well as one of your best at close ranges. Even now, this Black 1881 Western Stage Coach Shotgun is still the intimidating weapon to have hanging above your mantel, as well as a frightening prop weapon to carry along when you gear up in true western wear.

Key Features:

  • Completely Decorative
  • A Detailed Replica of 1881 Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Has an Incredibly Real Look and Feel
  • Features A Break-Away Barrel, as well as Working Triggers and Hammers
  • A Non-Firing Replica
  • A Great Collectible, Prop Weapon, or Gift Idea


  • Made from a Zinc Alloy
  • Has a Wood Grip and an Antique Finish


  • Length: 35 Inches
  • Weight: 7 lbs.


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