Balder Wool Viking Coat – Brown


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Keep out the chill when off on your pillages. The Brown Balder Wool Viking Coat is the perfect overlayer for any Norse warrior, jarl, or other Nordic character.

First, this long sleeve coat is made of a 75% wool blend, so it adds considerable warmth to your look. This makes it perfect for fall and winter medieval faires as well as cooler mornings at your favorite medieval market or LARP event.

The long sleeve Viking coat wraps around the front. Wear it open or secure it with a wide belt for easy movement. The two sides of the front overlap, resulting in a roomy, adjustable fit. The wrap front style creates a V-neckline. This long jacket ends around the calves on most wearers.

The long straight sleeves help keep your arms warm. While not completely waterproof, the fabric is water repellent. It is up to the task of keeping out light rain. Use our Snow Proof Silicone Water & Stain Repellent Spray (WL-50-1965) for waterproofing.

This woolen Viking coat makes an amazing layering piece for medieval faires, LARP events, and reenactments. Just about any medieval costume can make use of this wraparound Viking jacket. Add it to your Norse outfit and enjoy this warm outerwear season after season.

Key Features:

  • Great for layering over medieval & Viking outfits
  • Can be worn open or with your own belt
  • Long sleeves and length provide coverage and warmth
  • Perfect for Viking warriors, jarls, and other Norse characters
  • Adds versatility and warmth to historical wardrobes


  • Made of a 75.1% wool blend with 12.95% polyester, 6.93% nylon, 3.37% cotton, and 1.65% viscose

Care Instructions:

  • Dry clean recommended. This item may also be carefully hand washed in cold water with wool detergent. Do not allow the garment to soak. Do not dry in dryer. Squeeze out excess water and roll up the fabric in a large, dry towel. Press the clothing against the towel to dry it, then lay it flat on a dry towel to air dry.
Small/Medium35.8-41.7 inches35.4-39 inches
Large/X-Large42.1-46.9 inches39.37-42.9 inches
XX-Large47.2-50.4 inches43.3-46.9 inches
XXX-Large50.8-53.9 inches47.2-49.2 inches


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