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On the medieval battlefield, a commander tried to keep their archers away from the front lines. The very best of plans can go awry, though, and many archers carried at least a dagger, like this Archers Dagger, to use for their defense in close quarters. Fairly classic in shape, this dagger features an EN45 carbon spring steel blade with unsharpened edges, which makes it relatively safe for carrying at fairs, stage productions, and other such events. The blade also had a diamond shaped cross-section, and a fairly pointed tip, as well. The cast-steel guard is wide and thick, ensuring that this dagger can offer good defense to the hand. The grip is wrapped in leather, to provide a secure and comfortable hold, while the hilt is finished off with a cast-steel wheel pommel. The dagger comes complete with a leather-wrapped, wood scabbard, for safe-keeping and secure carrying. The design of this Archers Dagger is fairly versatile, though, and while it will certainly serve medieval archers well, it will also act as a fine belt-dagger for any other style of medieval warrior or noble to carry as their preferred side-arm, too!

This sword comes in two types. The regular version is tempered and hardened and features traditional shaping, making it a great choice for display or carrying to complete your look. The Light Combat version is tempered and hardened with thick edges and a rounded tip, making it suitable for light use in sparring and reenactment.

Key Features:

  • Recreates a Fine Medieval Dagger for Any to Carry
  • Features a Hand Crafted Steel Blade
  • Comes a Regular Non-Combative Version and a Light Combat Model
  • Has a Cast Steel Guard and Wheel Pommel
  • Includes a Wooden, Leather Wrapped Scabbard
  • A Fantastic Costume Dagger, Carrying Weapon and Display Piece


  • Overall Length: 18 Inches
  • Blade Length: 11.5 Inches


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