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One can imagine that angels have a sad existence. After all, eternity is a long time to watch all life fade around you. This Angel Rose Statue depicts one such angel whose eternity has made her dark and gothic, as well as somewhat sad and melancholy. In spite of that sadness, though, this angel statue remains a truly beautiful show of gothic styling. This statue is inspired by the artwork of Anne Stokes, and it remains true to her design in just about every way. The statue depicts a beautiful angel as she stands atop a round, simulated stone base. The angels dark feathered wings curl protectively around her, as if to shelter her from aught and all in the outside world. In her pale hands, she holds a delicate pink flower, from which falls a single pink petal. This act alone seems to cause the beautiful angel great despair, and she watches sadly as the petal falls. This statue is crafted entirely in polystone, which is a variant of cold cast resin that is mixed with powdered stone to create a statue with a finer feel and finish. It is also hand painted in stunning colors, which only helps to enhance its overall detail. This dark angel statue stands approximately 8.875 inches tall. Rich in its dark detailing, this Angel Rose Statue serves as a perfect reminder of how all things must pass and that, in this world, it is best to appreciate the beauty of all things, whether they are as fleeting as a flower or as lasting as this statue.

Key Features:

  • A Beautifully Hand Painted Statue
  • Inspired by the Artwork of Anne Stokes
  • Depicts a Gothic Angel as she Laments the Wilting of a Rose
  • Features an Impressive Level of Detail
  • Makes for a Stunning Decoration
  • A Great Home Decor Piece or Gift Idea


  • Made from Polystone


  • Height: 8.875 Inches


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