Albrecht Hand and a Half Sword

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When you wish to enter combat with an elegant yet functional sword, look no further than the Albrecht Hand and a Half Sword for a medieval blade. Made from 1566 high carbon steel, this sword has a broad, double-edged blade. It has a diamond cross-section. There is a fuller down a third of the blade. A makers mark adorns the fuller. Then the blade continues into the handle at a cruciform crossguard. The handle then has a black, leather covered grip. The grip has a ring near the middle. Next, the handle ends with a disk-shaped pommel. A crest with a rampant lion adorns the pommel. Finally, the Albrecht Hand and a Half Sword comes with a matching scabbard. Based on a museum piece, this fully functional sword looks great at any historical reenactment.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Based on a museum piece
  • Lion crest on pommel
  • Double-edged blade with short fuller
  • Comes with scabbard
  • Great for historical reenactments


  • Made from 1566 high carbon steel

Care Instructions:

Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle LengthWidth at GuardWidth at TipThickness at GuardThickness at TipPoint of BalancePoint of HarmonicsWeight
One Size44.5 inches34.8 inches10 inches2 inches0.9 inch0.24 inch0.2 inch5.5 inches21.5 inches3 pounds 4 ounces

1 review for Albrecht Hand and a Half Sword

  1. firespiter (verified owner)

    I had this sword before, but sold it off because it fell outside of my period of interest and my collection had grown to a problematic size. I had to buy it again as over the years I started to regret letting it go. I took for granted a lot of the qualities of the sword and once again desired a piece that was a solid representation of the type XVIIIa blade, which the original sword this is based off of was considered a prime example by Oakeshott himself. The original hopefully exists in a private collection somewhere, as the only example we now have is a photograph which comes from a book “Records of the Medieval Sword”. We also know the original had a blade length of 35″ (88.8 cm) and that the pommel was presumed hollow due to its weight and size. We can extrapolate from the known blade length that the cross guard would have been approximately 7.1″ (18 cm) across, and the pommel approximately 2.5″ (6.4 cm) in diameter. The replica I received fits these measurements very closely, but not exactly (but mindful that these are approximations based on a single small black and white photo). The pommel, is hollow as the original and peened. There is no threaded pommel or recessed nut. It’s surprisingly light for it’s size at 3 lb, 3 oz. And the blade is very stiff despite its length and relative thickness. The distal taper is even along the blade length as is the symmetry of the blade grind. The fuller extends less than a 3rd of the blade length.
    The cross guard and pommel are stainless steel, which will resist rusting, Meaning less frequent cleaning will be required, as the cross guard and pommel are the two parts that tend to tarnish quickly from frequent handling.
    The rampant lion charge on the pommel is not an etched line-drawing as the older MRL version, but is in fact a cast relief (where you can see the swell of the muscles and curls of the hairs on the lion’s mane). I admit is a highlight for me on this sword, as it is otherwise rather austere and all business in its form.
    My only criticisms of this sword are that the blade is not polished or even satin finished, but has a ground appearance to the surface. Also, a heavier weighted pommel would bring the balance back closer to the hilt, and make the blade feel more lively in the hand. Though this would raise the over-all weight of the sword and I’m not confident that would be a good trade-off. But these are in fact very minor qualms I have with it. And for a price so far below $400, it’s hard to critique without mentioning the low price. It is in fact a very well fabricated, fitted, finished and faithful representation of a sword from the early 15th (or possibly late 14th) century. As of writing this, I see that they have only 1 in stock, and if you are considering it, I highly recommend you get it lest you regret it.

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