31 inch Leather Sheath

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When you are not training or in conflict your sword needs a place to rest. Give that valued weapon a home with the 31 Inch Leather sheath. Do not lay that sword on the ground or against a tree when it deserves a respectable carry method. Hand crafted from quality leather this sheath is nearly universal to accommodate a variety of swords. This set comes with a collection of straps so you can customize the carry position of your weapon for optimal comfort. This elegant 31 Inch Leather Sheath will be happy to carry your sword when you do not need it in your hand, so do not pass this item up.

Key Features:

  • Nearly universal
  • Designed for use with steel blades
  • Straps support various carry methods
  • Crafted from quality leather


  • Fits up to 31 Inch Blade
  • Interior Width is 2 Inches
  • Exterior Width is 3 Inches

3 reviews for 31 inch Leather Sheath

  1. Kevin M.

    My blade width was slightly too wide to fit in the sheath all the way. Rather than return the item I modified it to fit my sword. This took quite a bit of work. I suggest you specify the max blade width for this item. Also there were no instructions on how to use the detachable shoulder straps that were included. I modified those also to suit myself. Overall I am glad I ordered this sheath. You have an excellent web site!

  2. Steven M.

    Good, fast service and delivery. The sheath is exactly as described on the website.

  3. Brendan S.

    Love the product but I’m going to list two things not mentioned here. The mouth of the sheath is exactly 2.25 inches wide. It tapers down to about 1.5 inches at the end of the sheath (this is a guess because I can’t directly measure the internal space) These stats aren’t mentioned in the description and I thought they needed to be here somewhere. Also the color was much darker on the actual product than advertised. I would place the color at a dark mahogany. I was fine with this because I was going to attempt to darken the leather myself anyway so this saved time on my end. But it is an amazing product that I’d certainly recommend.

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