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    Diablo III Monk T-Shirt

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Now is the end of days in Sanctuary. The Archangel of Justice is silent – fallen, some say. And evil stirs across the land. Two great evils remain, and as a falling star streaks the sky and crashes in New Tristram, heroes from all walks of life gather to seek their destiny. Diablo III continues the tale of the youngest Prime Evil – Diablo, the Lord of Terror. Familiar faces like Deckard Cain make an appearance in this tale, serving to guide new players on their path while remaining a nostalgic balm for the players who have known him and fought Diablo since the first game. Here we have gathered an array of awesome accessories, including a variety of tees that allow you to show some love for both the good and the evil in this world. Diablo, the titular character, appears on a few shirts, casting an infernal style over some t-shirts, while Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice, reveals his angelic majesty and power on others. And of course, some shirts are dedicated to the heroes too, so that you can show your favorite of the bunch! Begin your adventure in the world of Sanctuary and your quest to defeat the evils in the world here, where we can supply you with all the Diablo III apparel and gear you need to show love for this game on a daily basis – even when you are not playing it!

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