There is beauty in the bones, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our selection of skeleton and skull statues and collectibles. Bring a touch of deathly gothic style to your decor by adding some human, and some non-human, skulls to your decorating scheme. And better yet, our skulls and skeletons come in a variety of different forms and functions, making them great choices for a variety of uses. We offer skull banks for those who need to store money and change safely and securely, as well as skull lamps and skull candle holders. And for the purist, nothing beats our selection of skull heads, where you will find skulls of every shape and style, including plain skulls, tattooed skulls, monster skulls, fanged skulls, colored skulls, and more! We also offer skeleton statues and skeletal home accents that depict more bones than just the head, often recreating the whole skeletal frame in shocking and intriguing ways as skeletal incense burners, skeleton ashtrays, skeleton clocks, skeleton lamps, or even skeleton pillows. For those looking to wear skeleton style, we also carry skull and skeleton t-shirts. There is a little bit of everything here in this skeletons and skulls category, and as you take the time to browse it, do not be surprised if you find yourself opening up to the idea of showing off some skulls or bones in your decor!

Skull Head Statues
Skull Head Statues (217)

Nothing embodies iconic gothic style quite like the classic skull. The face of the skull is basically the face of death itself and, even unadorned, it is nothing short of classic in its appeal. We show that there is a lot you can do with the skull, and we do so through our skull head statues category, where you will find dozens of iterations of this classic symbol. We offer the whole gamut of different skulls, ranging from the classic human skulls to demonic skulls and monster skulls of every shape and size. Our skull statues come in various colors, some painted to reflect the hues of bone while others are more metallic. Others still are more fantastic, lending the skull a coloration as eye-catching as its overall gothic shape! Some of our skull heads have horns, some have wings, and others still have fangs. Some look like demons, while others resemble vampires. Some are decorated with Celtic knots, while others are done up to resemble those who, in life, called themselves pirates, bikers, Romans, knights, and more. Some are infused with cyber designs and steampunk styles, while others have been made to look like they have withstood countless ages. Most of our skull head statues are smaller than the human skull in size, although there are some here that compare to the typical head-bone as well. There is a skull statue here for any and every occasion, so no matter what you need the skull for, or why, you can bet that you will be able to find one to suit your taste and need, right here in our skull heads section.

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Skeleton & Skull Ashtrays
Skeleton & Skull Ashtrays (7)

An ashtray is more than just a place to tap your cigarette or toss loose change that collects in your pocket throughout the day. One look at the skeleton and skull ashtrays found here and you will see that ashtrays can also be fine little decorations, as well as vivid and impressive collectibles to own and enjoy! Virtually all of the ashtrays offered here in this section have their own unique flair, ranging from fantasy to history and beyond. But their common factor is their skeletal, bony nature. Many are made, at least partially, out of cold cast resin, and all have a detail-oriented design that makes each one an impressive little thing to behold. Each gothic ashtray here depicts skulls and skeletal features in one way or another. Some lend helping hands, by offering skeletal hands that hold out glass ashtrays and bowls for use, while others just feature touches of bony, skull-infused design throughout the classic form of the ashtray. By far, though, the most common style of skeleton ashtray found here is the skull, whose open jaws or opened cranium serves to catch your ashes or hold your pocket-clutter in unbeatably eerie style. The skull ashtrays themselves come in a variety of forms, including classic bone-white skulls, spiked monster skulls, Roman soldier skulls, biker skulls, pirate skulls, jester skulls, and more! It goes without saying that any of our skeleton and skull ashtrays are great for gothic tables or for gothic rooms in general! So if you are looking to bring some haunting and eerie form and function to your decor, you might want to consider one of our skeleton or skull ashtrays, as they are good for much more than just holding cigarettes and catching ashes.

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Skeleton & Skull Candleholders
Skeleton & Skull Candleholders (13)

The eerie flickering of candlelight over bone is an iconic scene right out of horror, as well as an intriguing touch of style to add to any decor. Real bone is hard to come by, though, and it also raises a lot of difficult-to-answer questions. It is far better to avoid the hassle and get one of our skeleton candleholders instead! They look just as good as the real deal, while also being far easier to explain, should anyone question the skulls on your table - or the skeletons in your closet! Our skeletal candleholders range in their styles from the iconic skull and candle pairing to more ornate displays that combine skulls, bones, and more into gothic decor pieces that would look right at home in Count Draculas banquet hall! Many of our skull candle holders are made from cold cast resin, and many are capable of accepting candles of various sizes - from tea lights to taper candles and votive candles, and more. A few depict grim reapers and whole skeletons as they keep vigil over the flame, and one even features a skull bleeding wax out of its eyes! Skeleton hand candleholders and gothic, elegant candelabras stand side-by-side here, and all will bring with them an eerie design that adds ambiance to any room. A bit of eerie and creepy style is not necessarily a bad thing, and you will find that these skeleton candleholders are all a perfect way to bring some gothic ambiance to your decor, as well as great accessories for those who need some candlelight for their next midnight ritual.

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