Pirate Statues & Collectibles

Your love of pirates does not have to stop at costuming and pirate gatherings. No, you can also do some decorating with our pirate statues and collectibles! From pirate skeletons to pirate captains, and in all different sizes, we offer a huge variety of pirate collectibles and home decor perfect for giving you a way to bring a genuine pirate from the Golden Age of Piracy into your home. Some of our pirate statues are based on historical figures, recreating the looks of such famous pirates as Blackbeard, Henry Every, Calico Jack Rackham and more, while others recreate pirates from history, lore, and fiction, like Davy Jones or Captain Sparrow. Others depict living pirates, showing the swashbucklers as they guard their plunder or fight in battle. Still some of our pirate decor reveals grinning undead pirates, skeletal things that continue to plunder and pillage even after they have done to their grave. Also to be found here are treasure chest trinket boxes, modeled and scaled down from the containers that pirates used to store their plunder. Pirate miniatures, pirate wall signs and plaques, and pirate drinkware can be found here too, depicting skulls, crossed swords, and Jolly Rogers. Here we carry all manner of sculpted pirate decor, making it THE place to come when you want to add some pirate style anywhere.

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