Here in our assortment of knight statues and collectibles, you will find, essentially, all of our items that feature a distinctive knightly style. Our knight statues, medieval knight decor, and knight collectibles are ideal for showing off true knightly style in your castle or medieval abode. Knights, for better or worse, are an irrevocable part of the medieval era. Children are raised on stories of their valor, even now, and dream of the days of fantasy when knights would slay evil sorcerers and foul dragons. Real knights hardly hunted beasts of legend, but forged legends of their own as skilled fighters of their times, ones that adhered to codes of chivalry, honor, and other values that are easily forgotten on the field of battle. In homage this warrior, all of our knightly items have the utmost detail possible, ensuring that every little ridge and line of their armor is properly rendered, whether you are looking at a full-sized statue, a little shelf miniature, or even a piece of one of our knightly chess sets. Of course, knights were known as mounted warriors, so we offer statues of knights that are both mounted on horseback and standing on foot. We also offer some of the most famous knights of all time in the form of our Knights of the Round Table sets. Even as battle-hardened warriors in full armor, there is something artistic about these knights, and thus, they make great additions to any room that might need a touch of knightly valor and style. Our larger knight statues are great centerpieces to have if you are looking to add medieval style to your home in a big way.

Knight on Horseback Statues
Knight on Horseback Statues (72)

If you want a statue of a knight as he truly would have appeared on the field of battle or in a jousting tournament, then look no further than our knight on horseback statues. These horseback knight statues depict these medieval warriors as they sit on the backs of mighty mounts, looking quite impressive and intimidating. Of course, intimidating is only one of the words that might describe a fully armored and armed knight as he sits atop a massive warhorse, ready to ride and bring ruin to his enemies. The value of a mounted knight cannot be understated, as the mobility and power of a horse could make a single warrior difficult to defeat, especially if given the room to charge and circle about. These valiant knight statues are quite the impressive sight, possessing an absolutely amazing level of detail, and not just on the knights themselves. Their armor is, of course, brilliantly represented, showing off all the flukes, ridges, and designs that would have been common on knightly plate armor. Even more detail is apparent when you take the knight and the horse together, as the warhorses of many of these statues look as good and as decorated as the knights, if not more so. Together, even the smallest mounted knight statue is stunning, and the larger ones are brilliant pieces that make fantastic centerpieces in any decor, display, or collection. Whether you are a collector and a hobbyist by nature or a medieval enthusiast, you can bet that one of our knight on horseback statues will be a great piece to include in your collection or decor.

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Knights of the Round Table
Knights of the Round Table (20)

There is, perhaps, no tale of knightly virtue and valor as famous as the tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. We give a place of special importance to these famous knights, and we also offer a stunning set of models that recreate each knight, as well as the famous Round Table itself, for collectors and enthusiasts to own. Although the origins of King Arthur and his knights are all but impossible to accurately determine, it is theorized that Arthurian legend first originated among the Celtic people, who or may not have based their stories on a Roman warrior or warlord that lived in Britain and thus had contact with Celtic peoples. The stories eventually grew and were passed to France, where they took on special significance, and eventually passed to English and Welsh tradition, as well. Here in this category, both the set of knights with their round table and the individual pieces are sold, allowing you to acquire the knights you desire individually, as well as the whole set. Each of the knights is represented as a stunning pewter figurine, which means that if you are a fan of Gawain, you can get his figurine, just as you can other knights like Galahad, Percival, Bedivere, Hector, and more! The table is also sold individually, so that you can add knights as you see fit. Or you can, of course, just pick up the whole set and let it speak for itself as a grand display to the Arthurian myth, one that will no doubt spawn hours of interesting conversation no matter where you let it sit in your home. Our Knights of the Round Table sets are stunning centerpieces and fantastic display items that will evoke memories of these knights legendary battles and stories of chivalry.

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Arthurian Chess Set
Arthurian Chess Set (16)

The story of King Arthur, his loyal knights, and his realm of Camelot is a classic tale of fantasy and fiction. Now you can reenact the last of King Arthurs great battles in the form of a chess game by acquiring one of our impressive Arthurian chess sets. King Arthur does much in his life, and those warriors that he gathers by his side are just as noteworthy, as they struggle with dragons and insurmountable odds yet always seem to come out victorious, so long as they adhere to their knightly goals. Arthur himself proves to be a great king, although not one who is above betrayal and, inevitably, trickery and death. This chess set is an amazingly detailed piece, one that features rich imagery that is worthy of such a classic tale of gallant knights and heroic deeds. Here you fill find the chess set in various states of deconstruction and assembly, meaning that if you wish to purchase the whole table, board, and set of pieces, you can. Or if you would rather just own one piece of the set, you can purchase a piece separately too, ranging from the lowliest of pawns to the highest pieces, the queen and the king, down to even the chess board and its stunning display table! King Arthurs figures have a noble bent, featuring noble wizards and even Guinevere as his queen, while Mordreds forces are a bit darker, employing the likes of demons and dark dragons with Morgana as his queen. Individually, each piece is a stunning little statue, while together, the whole set is unquestionably impressive, acting as both a functional chess set and a display item that would make a fantastic centerpiece in any Arthurian or medieval display. Chess fans or medieval collectors are sure to love this Arthurian chess set, making it a great choice to acquire for your own usage, either all at once or over a period of time, or to give as a gift to those you might know and care for in your life.

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