Greenman Statues & Collectibles

The greenman has been around for centuries, although his exact origin is not exactly well-known. He has been used in Christian carvings, pagan designs, and more throughout the centuries, making this design a fairly well-traveled one. We offer a number of great greenman styled items for anyone and everyone to enjoy. The typical greenman is fairly non-specific in design, typically only consisting of a face as it peers through some amount of foliage. In fact, this is one of the few consistencies between specific greenmen, as they always have something to do with foliage and nature. Sometimes the foliage is separate, sometimes it is merging with the face, and other times, the face is made up of the same foliage that surrounds it. Our various greenman items come in a wide variety of styles and designs, and that is not just referencing how many different items the greenman appear on. Some of the greenman designs you will find here are happy, and others are sad or even furious. Others are simply faces surrounded by leaves, while others are figures of bark, leaves, and vines, as much a creature of nature as a man. This ensures that no matter what style of greenman you want or whatever emotion you want it to feature, you can likely find it here, and on a variety of objects, too. So if you want a greenman journal to hold all your thoughts, writings, and drawings, you can pick that up here. Or if you want a greenman to sooth you with the sounds of trickling water, you will want to pick up one of our greenman fountains. A greenman tankard is the perfect cup to enjoy beverages from, provided you do not mind the foliate man watching as you drink, just as greenman tiles and scrolls are perfect for putting on display on the walls, shelves, and tables of your home. Shop all greenman statues and collectibles here.

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