Miniature Knights of the Round Table Set

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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table remain popular symbols of equality and gallantry, even today. The stories and legends about this famous group of men inspires countless fantasies and stories about knights who fought for the greater good. These men, while sometimes flawed, struggled to always behave in a way that upheld honor and chivalry. You can celebrate these noble men and their arms with our miniature Knights of the Round Table set. This collection offers a number of miniatures based on the Knights of the Round Table, which is perhaps the most recognizable of King Arthurs symbols, short of, perhaps, Excalibur. Our miniature Knights of the Round Table set is made up of several miniature swords and shields, each of which corresponds to one of the knights who sat at Arthurs round table. Knights like Lancelot, Galahad, Bedivere, and Gawain are included, as are the others who are famed to have joined this king of legend at his round table. Each shield masterfully represents each knights personal coat of arms, while each sword is reproduced in wonderful detail. And of course, the round table is not complete unless Arthur and his Excalibur are represented, so we offer his sword and shield as well. Our miniature Knights of the Round Table set is perfect for anyone who loves Arthurian myth and lore.

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