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The Roman Empire is the most controversial and influential civilization in ancient history. Its impact on humanity remains evident in modern-day society.

Thus, if you’re a history geek or a Roman artifact collector, you came to the right place. Medieval Collectibles has in-store items that you won’t find in department stores.

The Roman Scutum

One of the most sought after Roman civilization collectibles is a Roman shield. Scutum, the Latin word for shield, is the most common Roman shield similar to those you’d see in movies. The Roman scutum was constructed in a rectangular and semi-cylindrical design.

In historical accounts and images, these Roman shields can protect advancing soldiers from arrows and spears. However, it does not provide enough protection for a solo Roman soldier.

This curved or oval-shaped shield would protect Roman soldiers along the front and sides. Roman shields were used by legionnaires and soldiers to deflect ranged weapons like spears and to protect them in close combat.

Aside from being oval-shaped, these shields are rectangular in form. This kind of shield can protect the body of the soldier during battle. As time went by, Roman oval shields began to be used as well by soldiers and cavalry troops.

Other Varieties

We carry an excellent, decorative and functional Roman shield collection in various shapes and sizes. Many of these legionnaire shields, centurion shields, and gladiator shields display intricate artwork showing laurels, wings, scorpions, and other symbols.

We also carry Roman shields for bosses that can provide additional detail to your metal or wooden shield.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Were Roman Shields Made Of?

The shield’s primary material is wood. Usually, it has three wood planks glued together. Then, the outer part is canvas and leather. Wood shields weigh about ten kilos.

In other kinds, the outer part is iron and leather. Boss shields are metal with intricate designs. They are advantageous in deflecting spears and arrows.

What Do the Symbols on a Roman Shield Mean?

Symbols on the Roman scutum depend on what it represents. In general, a scutum is painted red to represent Mars, the Roman god of war. Other symbols include a lightning bolt to honor Jupiter, the king of the gods.

An eagle symbol represents the Roman army’s insignia. Other designs only include the eagle’s wings. The eagle can also be Jupiter’s symbol because the eagle symbolizes might and power.

Other scutums have laurels, which symbolize victory. Roman emperors wore laurel wreaths to show their supremacy and power.

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