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Do you dream of heroics and villainy, on par with the stories you might have seen on the silver screen or in the pages of comic books? If so, then Medieval Collectibles has the place for you! Our selection of Marvel Comics Costumes is a great way to transform yourself into a superhero or an insidious villain, whether you are doing so for a party or for Halloween. This section is dedicated to the Marvel Comics Universe, as well as to the Marvel Films Universe, meaning that we offer costumes based on the X-Men, the Avengers, and all the heroes that make up these groups! This section offers not just adult costumes, but accessories as well, ensuring that whether you are dressing up as Storm, Spider-Man, or Captain America, you can find all the accents and accessories you need to make the look complete. We do not just offer adult costumes either. Your kids can match your Marvel style with our kids costumes from this section, or they masquerade as their own favorite superhero, either for fun and play or for costumed events throughout the year. From Guardians of the Galaxy to the Avengers, from the Winter Soldier to the X-Men, this section is filled with all kinds of great costume and accessories, all drawn from Marvel inspiration. Since heroes always need their villains, we also offer a few costumes and accessories that can make the young and the adult alike look like their favorite villains from the Marvel continuity too! So let your love of Marvel Comics show when you and your little ones go costuming, by getting your costume here at Medieval Collectibles!

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