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  • Simple Leather Bra

    Simple Leather Bra

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  • Elven Swirl Leather Bra

    Elven Swirl Leather Bra

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  • Elven Leaf Leather Bra

    Elven Leaf Leather Bra

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  • Flamed Leather Bra

    Flamed Leather Bra

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  • Plain Gothic Leather Bra

    Plain Gothic Leather Bra

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  • Fanged Leather Bra

    Fanged Leather Bra

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  • Spiked Leather Bra

    Spiked Leather Bra

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Our leather bras are among the most unique articles of clothing we offer here at Medieval Collectibles! These bras are tough and feminine. In a pinch, they could almost be armor, if they were not so comfortable and easy to wear. Each leather bra is handcrafted from medium-weight leather. We offer a wide variety of colors and designs, from simple to spiked, to ensure that no matter what look appeals to you, a leather brassiere will suit your style. Our designs include gothic leather bras, elven leather bras, dragon leather bras, and other unique looks. These womens leather bras are comfortable to wear, thanks to the soft, supple leather straps that make up the harness that holds them in place. We provide a range of cup sizes from A to D, so you can find the right fit. These leather bikini tops are a wonderful and intriguing accessory to wear to medieval festivals and renaissance fairs, especially when paired with one of our fantastic leather waist cinchers. Grab one today to add something exciting to your wardrobe!

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