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  • Early Scottish Kilt

    Early Scottish Kilt

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  • Sale! Scottish Mans Wool Kilt

    Scottish Mans Wool Kilt

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  • Men's Scottish Kilt with Scarf

    Men’s Scottish Kilt with Scarf

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  • Roman Kilt With Scarf

    Roman Kilt With Scarf

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  • Sale! Scottish Kilt

    Scottish Kilt

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Medieval Collectibles offers a variety of Scottish kilts for you to wear. At one point in time, the higher classes showed off their wealth with the number of extra colors their plaid kilts displayed. This method of communicating social structure soon grew out of fashion, and folks began wearing whatever colors and patterns they wanted. Our tartan kilts come a variety of colors to match the Scottish shirt of your traditional Scottish outfit. We provide several sizes of modern kilts and classic kilts to make sure that you can find something that fits properly. Our Scottish kilts are made of quality fabric such as cotton and wool, and they look great on men and women. Our variety of historical kilts, highlander kilts, Roman kilts, and kilt and scarf sets provide great options for you to browse. Scottish kilts are great for holidays, parties, medieval events, renaissance fairs, and even everyday use.

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