DIY Armour Pieces


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Medieval Collectibles has the DIY Armour Pieces perfect for building your own custom plate armour, ring armour, or scale armour for LARP events, historic reenactments, and more. These types of armour are typically constructed of many small segments, so we carry the individual parts needed to create these segmented armour types. These do-it-yourself armour pieces can also be used to repair or modify existing armour. Items like our lamellae plates are constructed from a variety of metals, like steel, brass, and aluminum, so they can be used to build a variety of unique looks. Plate by plate, these pieces together create lamellar armour, reminiscent of the protection worn by Vikings, Samurai, Roman warriors, and more. Using our do-it-yourself armour pieces, you can create your very own, one-of-a-kind armour, made by none other than you, to suit your specific needs.

Memory: 60MB (11.72% of 512MB)
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