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When you are in need of a complete outfit of chainmail, make sure that you turn to us here at Medieval Collectibles and our Chainmail Sets. We offer a wide array of chainmail pieces. These sets include a variety of pieces to protect you in battle. For example, many sets feature a chainmail coif and a hauberk or haubergeon. They come in many different materials, ring types, and finishes. You can get mild steel ring armour sets in blackened and regular finishes or even a brass plated finish. Blackened chainmail sets are great for those with a darker aesthetic while regular finish pieces are perfect for many different characters and personas. Our mild steel chainmail pieces come in multiple gauges, allowing them to work for a variety of occasions and needs. Next, the armour sets are available in different style rings. There are sets made from butted chainmail rings. We also offer maille pieces made from round riveted and wedge riveted rings. Then, there are multiple sets that feature aluminum chainmail rings or aluminum with silicone rings. This type of armour is perfect for those that want the look of a fierce set of armour without the weight. It is especially useful for stage productions and cosplay outfits. Our chainmail pieces come from various suppliers including House of Warfare, Mytholon, Windlass, and more. Make sure that you check out our wide selection of Chainmail Sets. You are sure to find something that interests you and works for your chainmail needs.

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