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If you practice Historical European Martial Arts, make sure that you are protected against enemy attacks and check out the HEMA Protective Gear we offer. Medieval Collectibles offers a range of HEMA gear to protect you when you are working towards becoming a knight, paladin, or another medieval warrior. Made from cotton, high-impact resistant plastic, and other materials, these pieces help to cover you from your head to your ankles. We offer sparring masks, greaves, gloves, and more. Whether you practice light sparring or regular sparring, we have you covered. Be sure to try out our jackets, pants, and many other pieces to keep you safe during your warrior practice. Some of these pieces come in light or regular sparring designs.

Many of our pieces come from Red Dragon Armoury and thus feature their logo. All of these pieces are designed with HEMA specifically in mind. You can use them for practicing as well as for your HEMA competitions. Some pieces tie to other armour pieces while some secure onto the body with buckles or zippers. Also, the pieces are either padded or come with external polymer plates. Make sure that you protect yourself when working with swords, even if they are synthetic pieces. Swordplay can be dangerous, and it is important to protect yourself in battle. Make sure to keep yourself safe in combat. You should check out the selection of HEMA Protective Gear on offer here. You will definitely find something that interests you or fits your needs for HEMA.

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