Looking for Renaissance and Celtic Jewelry? Well you have come to the right place, just browse through our truly unique Museum quality selection of jewelry. Here you will find Medieval jewelry, Celtic jewelry, Gothic jewelry, Oriental jewelry and Pirate jewelry. Jewelry was a very big part of a wardrobe in Medieval times, it signified your status. The larger and nicer your jewelry was, the higher in class you were. Medieval Collectibles offers a great selection of jewelry offered at very competitive prices, anyone can afford to look like a Noble. Select from the Eras below to view our extensive collection, you'll find necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets, earrings, chokers, rings and even hair pieces. We carry Medieval and Celtic jewelry that will go with Medieval or Modern day wear. If you have questions about your ring size or stone color, please visit our Jewelry Information page. You will also find interesting information about certain Celtic symbols used in our jewelry.
Celtic Jewelry, Celtic Knotwork Jewelry and Celtic Claddagh Jewelry
Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry is mostly well known for the gorgeous Celtic Knotwork that is displayed on each piece. You can wear our Celtic Jewelry with your Medieval and Celtic outfits at the Renaissance Fair or with your everyday outfits. Aside from knotwork, we also have Celtic Crosses, Celtic Dragons and Serpents and the Celtic Claddagh symbol. Medieval Collectible's Celtic jewelry consists of Celtic necklaces, Celtic rings, Celtic bracelets, Celtic pendants, Celtic earrings and Celtic brooches.

Greek Jewelry, Roman Jewelry, Roman Pendants
Greek & Roman Jewelry

Whether you are dressing like a member of the Greek or Roman citizenry or fierce gladiator, you can be sure to find fantastic pieces of Greek and Roman Jewelry here at Medieval Collectibles to suit your look. We carry a range of Roman and Greek accessories including bracelets and torcs, pendants and necklaces, rings, and so much more. You can enjoy a number of Greek and Roman motifs and symbols in the designs of these pieces.

Medieval Jewelry, Renaissance Jewelry and Costume Jewelry
Medieval Jewelry

Medieval Collectibles has the perfect piece of Medieval Jewelry for any occasion you are going to. We offer a very selective line of high quality sterling silver and pewter jewelry that will be the perfect accent to your outfit. Whether you are a Peasant and looking for a simple, understated charm or necklace or a Noble who is looking for that top quality piece that is going to turn heads as you walk about the fair or royal ball. We offer Medieval and Renaissance style Necklaces, Brooches, Earrings, Pendants, Charms, Rings and Bracelets.

Gothic Jewelry, Pewter Gothic Jewelry and Alchemy Gothic Jewelry
Gothic Jewelry

We are striving to be one of the best places for shopping online for your favorite Gothic jewelry. Our Gothic jewelry is well made and mostly made out of fine pewter, unless otherwise stated. Medieval Collectibles has a large selection to choose from, so please take some time and browse through our catalog. We have accessories, Gothic bracelets, Gothic chokers, Gothic earrings, Gothic watches, Gothic pendants and Gothic rings. Medieval Collectibles strives to be your number one source for all your gothic jewelry needs.

Steampunk Jewelry
Steampunk Jewelry

Medieval Collectibles is happy to provide you with an esoteric and wonderful line of Steampunk jewelry that looks both antiquated and industrially advanced; this jewelry features gears, chains, and clock-work patterns, all as wonderful as it is odd.

Victorian Jewelry, Victorian Rings and Victorian Necklaces
Victorian Jewelry

Victorian Jewelry is named after an era in British history when Queen Victoria ruled and England experienced a time of great growth and prestige. And here at Medieval Collectibles, we've acquired a great range of beautiful pieces of jewelry, all recreated according to the fashions of the Victorian era for you to browse and enjoy at your leisure.

Pirate Jewelry, Pirate Pendants and Pirate Rings
Pirate Jewelry

Arr Matey! When one is sailing the High Seas, make sure you have the best accessories, like our cool Pirate themed necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings! Whether you wear them around every day or only to the Pirate Festivals, you are sure to get compliments on these unique pieces of jewelry. Our pirate jewelry is made of quality sterling silver or pewter. Pirate jewelry will add the perfect touch to your pirate outfit or garb.

Fantasy Jewelry
Fantasy Jewelry

Our fantasy jewelry section at Medieval Collectibles is filled with an assortment of themed jewelry that does not quite fall under any of our other themes. Some of it touches gently on other categories, like necklaces that could be somewhat gothic or pendants that are slightly pirate-y, or any number of some of our fantasy-themed pieces of jewelry that are great for barbarians of all kinds. But really, none of our fantasy jewelry falls as precisely into any of our other categories; instead, they sit neatly in the realm of fantasy, which can draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, including any number of our already-existing categories.

Viking Jewelry, Viking Necklaces, Viking Rings, and Viking Pendants
Viking Jewelry

The Vikings were Norse raiders and seafarers known for their iconic longships, runes, fierce warriors, and intricate mythology. Medieval Collectibles provides a wide selection of Viking Jewelry inspired by Nordic culture. We carry Viking necklaces, Viking pendants, Viking rings, Viking wristwear, Viking earrings, and Viking charms that allow you to create a complete, historical look for a costume or daily wear.

Wicca Jewelry, Wiccan Necklaces, Wicca Rings, and Wiccan Earrings
Wicca Jewelry

The Wiccan beliefs combine witchcraft, paganism, and metaphysics in many diverse traditions. Medieval Collectibles is pleased to offer a variety of Wicca jewelry options featuring classic Wiccan motifs and symbols like pentagrams, the Sabbats, gods and goddesses, the moon, and ritual tools. Check out our Wicca necklaces, Wicca pendants, Wicca earrings, Wicca rings, and other Wicca accessories to find the perfect piece for your look.