Assassins Leather Helmet
Item #: MCI-2730
Join your fellow elves in an exciting journey to the human realm. Be prepared for a grand adventure and the wealth of unforgettable tales found only on the LARP battlefield with the Assassins Leather Helmet shielding your brow.
Price: $71.00
On Sale For: $67.45
Backplate for King or Templar- Size Small
Item #: MCI-2522-S
If your nemesis always insists on stabbing you in the back during a LARP event, never mind them. The Backplate for King or Templar – Size Small proves to be a trustworthy ally in battle, providing protection to your back and spine.
Price: $69.00
On Sale For: $45.00
Backplate for Warrior or Drake- Size Small
Item #: MCI-2521-S
Enjoy the fun and excitement of a LARP battle, while avoiding unnecessary injuries. The Backplate for Warrior or Drake – Size Small features a design that emphasizes durability and safety, offering protection to your back and spine.
Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $52.25
Blackened Lucas Bracers
Item #: MY100314
Particularly great for younger knights, the Blackened Lucas Bracers are sized a bit smaller than most adult bracers. These high quality steel arm guards are treated for anti-rust and are fastened with adjustable buckled straps.
Price: $25.19
Blackened Lucas Breastplate
Item #: MY100315
Specially designed for younger fans of historic reenactment, the Blackened Lucas Breastplate features a smaller size. Made of 16 gauge blackened steel, this protective chest plate is secured in the back with two adjustable straps.
Price: $65.89
Breastplate Warrior - Size Small
Item #: MCI-2501-S
The nobles of the court will admire the shine of your armour when you appear in the Breastplate Warrior – Size Small. This functional cuirass not only defends your torso against an attack, but also adds prestige to your character.
Price: $138.00
On Sale For: $131.10
Childrens Celtic Arm Bracers
Item #: DK4103
Bringing historical beauty to a functional design, the Childrens Celtic Arm Bracers are perfect for children who enjoy LARPing, historically themed fairs, or simply want an extraordinary and authentic Halloween costume.
Price: $27.00
Childrens Celtic Leather Headband
Item #: DK4300
For a touch of distinction that will make your little one look like a prince or princess, you might want to consider adding a Childrens Celtic Leather Headband to their ensemble. It is a fine circlet with all of the appeal of a crown.
Price: $18.00
Childrens Celtic Warrior Arm Bracers
Item #: DK4104
Displaying a trio of Celtic rounded crosses on each arm, these leather bracers provide adornment as well as protection. Your child will love wearing these Childrens Celtic Warrior Arm Bracers to a Renaissance faire or themed event.
Price: $39.00
Childrens Dragon Scale Armour
Item #: DK4000
Dragon scales are some of the best protection you can get. More so, they are also quite appealing to wear. This Childrens Dragon Scale Armour allows even your little one to join in the fantasy fun by giving them armour of their own!
Price: $99.00
Childrens Dragon Scale Bracers
Item #: DK4100
Nothing says fantasy quite like the image of a dragon. Nothing says fantasy warrior like armor made from dragon scales. These Childrens Dragon Scale Bracers are just such an armor that recreates the layered look of dragon scales.
Price: $29.00
Childrens Lionheart Armour
Item #: DK4001
The term lionheart is used to describe someone who possesses exceptional courage. Your child will love to suit up in this Childrens Lionheart Armour while they learn to properly wield a sword and shield like the knights of old.
Price: $70.00
Childrens Medieval Arm Bracers
Item #: DK4105
Traditionally used to represent French royalty, the fleur-de-lis is a stylized lily and has become widely adopted worldwide. Your child will love wearing these Childrens Medieval Arm Bracers to a Renaissance Faire or themed event.
Price: $39.00
Childrens Squire Armour
Item #: DK4002
A squire is a companion and attendant to a knight or noble. In return for their service, they receive training in combat and other noble pursuits. This Childrens Squire Armour is perfect for any youth seeking to aspire to knighthood.
Price: $65.00
Childrens Woodland Warrior Arm Bracers
Item #: DK4106
Dryads, elves, and druids are known to have a special affinity for trees. Now your child can wear these Childrens Woodland Warrior Arm Bracers to be inspired by nature as they learn armored combat or dress up for a medieval event.
Price: $39.00
Childrens Woodland Warrior Armour Belt
Item #: DK4004
A tree that is unbending is easily broken. Develop your roots with a stable center of gravity and relaxed muscles. Your child may be inspired by the trees around them when they wear this Childrens Woodland Warrior Armour Belt.
Price: $68.00
Childrens Woodland Warrior Body Armour
Item #: DK4003
Perfect for young rangers and fae folk, this Childrens Woodland Warrior Body Armour provides lightweight and comfortable protection for LARP and other light combat activities. This leather harness is flexible and laces up the sides.
Price: $120.00
Childrens Woodland Warrior Greaves
Item #: DK4107
Displaying intricate details inspired by the natural world, these Childrens Woodland Warrior Greaves are perfect for young elves, fairies, and druids participating in light armored combat or attending medieval costumed events.
Price: $79.00
Childrens Woodland Warrior Pauldrons
Item #: DK4108
Protect your childs upper arms and shoulders by dressing them in these Childrens Woodland Warrior Pauldrons. Perfect for rangers, elves, and other nature inhabitants, these leather pauldrons add a rustic touch to any armored outfit.
Price: $99.00
Childs Black Leather Body Armour
Item #: MCI-2710
For the young adventurer who needs armour suitable for a LARP quest, the Childs Black Leather Body Armour is a trustworthy option. This lightweight cuirass will assist in the avoidance of injuries during the next roleplay event.
Price: $41.00
On Sale For: $38.95
Childs Brown Leather Body Armour
Item #: MCI-2711
The young warrior, who never braves the bitter cold without the protection of a warm coat, must not venture into a LARP kingdom without the fortification of a durable, lightweight cuirass such as the Childs Brown Leather Body Armour.
Price: $41.00
On Sale For: $38.95
Childs Dark Drake Gorget
Item #: MCI-2535
If your young page requires protective armour for the neck, the Childs Dark Drake Gorget is an excellent option in battle gear. This steel collar goes great with a variety of characters such as knights, mercenaries, and battlemages.
Price: $42.00
On Sale For: $39.90
Childs Dark Warrior Gorget
Item #: MCI-2537
When piecing together armour for a LARP character, whether young or old, the medieval fighter should never be without protection for the lower neck. The Childs Dark Warrior Gorget is a worthy choice for a young knight or battlemage.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $34.20
Childs King Gorget
Item #: MCI-2541
Consider the epic adventure and unforgettable memories that await the brave warrior who dons the Childs King Gorget. Perhaps the young role-player may choose to conquer another kingdom, or join the ranks of the Knights Templar.
Price: $34.00
On Sale For: $32.30
Childs Warrior Gorget
Item #: MCI-2539
For the young knight who wishes to complete an epic journey, one certain to provide countless opportunities for battle as well as bumps and bruises, the Childs Warrior Gorget offers protection to the lower neck, throat, and thorax.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $28.50
Childs Warrior Pauldrons
Item #: MCI-2550
What role will your child play while LARPing? Will your son or daughter become a noble knight of the Round Table or an elven swordfighter from the enchanted woods? Regardless, the Childs Warrior Pauldrons guard their shoulders.
Price: $85.00
On Sale For: $80.75
Kids Dragon Scale Armour Package
Item #: PKG-32
Your child can transform themselves into a true Dragon Knight with the help of our Kids Dragon Scale Armour Package. This leather armour package comes with a kids harness, a pair of kids bracers, and studded leather headband.
Price: $146.00
On Sale For: $132.00
Kids Felix Leather Armour
Item #: MY100501
The Kids Felix Leather Armour assists young LARP adventurers in avoiding injuries when on an important quest. This medieval cuirass not only raises their defense on the battlefield, but also creates the right look for their role.
Price: $55.00
Kids Felix Leather Bracers
Item #: MY100499
Permit your child to complete a noble LARP quest or reenact history. When combined with our padded bracers and the matching armour pieces, these Kids Felix Leather Bracers ensure the young warrior is ready for an exciting adventure.
Price: $16.00
Kids Felix Leather Greaves
Item #: MY100500
Make sure your child is ready for the fun and excitement of a LARP quest while properly fortified against the bruises and scratches of battle. The Kids Felix Leather Greaves assists in the avoidance of injury during said adventure.
Price: $20.00
Kids Leather Armour
Item #: RT-231
A wonderful starter piece for any child LARPer or youngster with a passion for the medieval era, the Kids Leather Armour is a spectacular leather chest piece built to contort to the movements of even the most rambunctious kid.
Price: $50.00
Kids Tobi Leather Cuirass
Item #: MY100552
When completing a noble LARP quest, injuries can slow the young warrior down. The Kids Tobi Leather Cuirass not only raises their defense on the battleground, but also creates the right look for both historical and fantasy roles.
Price: $66.00