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Men's Jackets, Doublets and Vests

Medieval and Renaissance wardrobes made great use of noblemens doublets, period vests, and other medieval jackets, making them an important part of our clothing selection here at Medieval Collectibles. The doublet was generally accepted male fashion for most of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Designed to be worn as an undergarment, it soon became the main upper body wear for men. The doublet could be unadorned for everyday wear or fancier for special occasions. Normally period coats and medieval vests were meant for the upper classes, but they were also used to stay warm during the winter months. Whether you are aiming to resemble a peasant or a nobleman, we have the perfect option for you out of our leather jerkins, Scottish doublets, serf doublets, Renaissance vests, suede coats, royal doublets, and more. Our Renaissance doublets, period jackets, and noblemen vests are made with great quality materials and workmanship that will make them a part of your wardrobe for years to come. Wear them to the Renaissance fair, an SCA event, or for a Medieval style wedding.
Tristan Leather Jerkin
Designed directly from the film-used costume, this stunning brown leather, short sleeved jerkin can be worn many different ways or with the Tristan padded shirt for the ultimate in dashing, courtly attire.
Price: $275.00
Robin of Locksley Gambeson
A gambeson worthy of the outlaw that wore it, Robin of Locksley. This heavy two-piece garment consists of a corduroy undershirt with padded and studded sleeves and a quilted sleeveless gambeson that goes over the undershirt.
Price: $175.00
French Highwayman Coat
This stunning full-length coat is made of durable black denim and is designed with a generous split in the back, as well as the sides, for easy movement. A stylish wide period cuff with braid and buttons adorn the sleeves.
Price: $119.00
King Henry Royal Doublet
From the award winning Showtime series The Tudors, we bring you the King Henry Royal Doublet. This King Henry Royal Doublet is made of faux leather and cotton velvet that come together to make this rich doublet truly fit for a king.
Price: $130.00
Royal Court Doublet
Manufactured of a heavy brocade fabric and sporting a row of antiqued buttons, every effort has been made to ensure the finest care in the alignment of the fabrics to give this Royal Court Doublet a truly royal appearance.
Price: $120.00
15th Century Vest
This unique 15th Century Vest will complement any medieval shirt or outfit. This vest is made of wool with linen lining. The medieval vest has a laced closure and comes in sizes Large to XX-Large.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $26.00
Traditional Serfs Doublet
Even a serf deserves to have a nice doublet. In the case of this Traditional Serfs Doublet, it will be a very nice one, made from materials fit for nobility, yet featuring a minimalist design that will suit any social class perfectly.
Price: $39.25
Lord of Essex Long Vest
This elegant black Tudor long vest is highlighted with silver brocade. The Lord of Essex Long Vest is made of 100% cotton with rayon lining and has hook and eye closures. The long vest is available in Small/Medium or Large/X-Large.
Price: $99.00
Scottish Doublet
Modeled after a leather doublet dated from 1610 that exists in the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, the Scottish Doublet offers superb quality and style for a medieval or Renaissance man who wants an impressive look.
Price: $166.00
Renaissance Doublet
This Renaissance Doublet is based on designs from the early medieval times. This doublet is made from rayon viscose fabric and has a very desirable length which ends on the top of your hips.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $43.00
Wheel of Time Asha'man Coat
In the world portrayed by the Wheel of Time series, there are those who channel the one power to work amazing feats. One such group is the Asha'man, and now, any man can emulate their look thanks to this Wheel of Time Asha'man Coat.
Price: $115.00
Classic Renaissance Doublet
Every reenactor should have access to a doublet of some kind, especially since they were a common garment of the medieval and Renaissance era. This Classic Renaissance Doublet is not only affordable, but handsome and versatile.
Price: $51.81
Mans 15th Century Doublet
The doublet was generally accepted male fashion for most of the Middle Ages and renaissance. At first it was designed to be worn as an undergarment, it soon became the main mens upper body wear.
Price: $69.00
Noble's Twill Doublet
For the look of a nobleman and the comfort of an everyday man, turn to the Nobles Twill Doublet. This classic doublet combines the look of nobility and peasantry, making it an all-purpose piece that looks great with a variety of styles.
Price: $99.00
Medieval Vest
Our Medieval vest made from thick and durable cotton velvet. The front opening of this vest is secured with drawstring and eyelets. The medieval vest can be worn with a shirt, tunic, or chain mail. Shirt not included.
Price: $87.00
Imperial Baroque Jacket
The Baroque Imperial Jacket is an elaborate and attractive jacket that best emulates the high style and fashion of nobility and royalty. This jacket is made from quality materials and is a beautifully decorated symbol of status.
Price: $280.00
Velveteen Noble's Doublet
The comfort of the everyday man meets the style of nobility in the Velveteen Nobles Doublet. This doublet is the prime example of a garment that would have been favored by men of all stations, noble and common alike.
Price: $99.00
Royal Guard Doublet
Do not let the name fool you. The Royal Guard Doublet is not just for the sentries guarding king and castle. This doublet is a quality item that is perfect for any man who has need of functional and attractive fitted medieval jacket.
Price: $139.00
Legend Vest
This lush courtly vest is made of rich, red cotton velvet. The vest has elaborate hand sewn gold brocade work that adorns the front, while matching gold trim lines the collar and waist. It is perfect for enhancing noble styles.
Price: $75.00
Game of Thrones Eddard Stark Doublet
If you seek a noble look, and one befitting a warrior as well, then you could do no better than to wear the Game of Thrones Eddard Stark Doublet. Also known as a peascod, this garment is a capped vest that suits a warrior style.
Price: $69.00
Aramis Doublet
Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to this elegant vest. After all, the Aramis Doublet features a look, a cut, and a style that fits perfectly into just about any time frame, allowing anyone to look regal and dashing.
Price: $150.00
Medieval French Jacket
The Medieval French Jacket is an authentic looking medieval-styled garment that is well-suited for real-world use. This attractive garment is made from strong, quality materials that allow it to stand up to rigorous use.
Price: $230.00
Noble's Renaissance Vest
The Noble's Renaissance Vest is a beautiful baroque vest that is sure to complement any noble look. Made from quality fabrics, this attractive vest features a simple, yet classic design that looks great a gentleman from almost any era.
Price: $120.00
Italian Doublet
This doublet is from paintings by Caravaggio, The Calling of St. Matthew and The Cardsharps. The trim makes your shoulders look broad and narrows your waist, and the slashed sleeves provide plenty of cavalier style!
Price: $166.00
Noble's Suede Coat
Do not sit around lamenting the colder seasons for preventing you from wearing medieval and renaissance styles. Don the Noble's Suede Coat to your wardrobe and beat those lower temperatures and harsher conditions with style and panache.
Price: $320.00
Explorer's Doublet
The doublet was a common piece of attire in its day. It was not worn only by royalty and aristocracy. Doublets, such as the Explorer's Doublet, were worn by common people in need of an extra layer or additional function in their attire.
Price: $126.00
On Sale For: $89.00
Nobleman's Renaissance Doublet
The Nobleman's Renaissance Doublet is a classic example of a stylish doublet that would have been worn by the noble class during the Renaissance era. This beautiful doublet is made from quality materials, like damask brocade and velvet.
Price: $276.00
Jon Snow's Night Watch Doublet
Protective in a variety of ways, this Jon Snow's Night Watch Doublet is a peascod style garment that served him well on the Wall. It will do the same for you, creating a dark look that recreates the appearance of the Night's Watch.
Price: $125.00
Noble's Velveteen Robe
Perfect for a lover and fighter both, the Nobles Velveteen Robe is the ideal mix of bold derring-do and refined tastes. In essence, this garment is styled for a noble traveler or swordsman who prefers extravagance to simplicity.
Price: $137.00
Gentleman's Baroque Vest
If baroque defines a style that uses clearly defined decoration to create exuberance and grandeur, then there is no better way to describe or name this attractive, renaissance-styled vest then as the Gentleman's Baroque Vest.
Price: $168.00
Philip the Good's Doublet
If you are looking for a historically accurate garment that was worn by nobility, then you have found it. Philip the Goods Doublet is modeled on the doublet worn and favored by Philip III, who was the duke of Burgundy, France.
Price: $180.00
King's Renaissance Jacket
It is traditional that a lord should have the most elegant garments of his subjects. If you are wearing the King's Renaissance Jacket, then you are dressed in kingly regalia, because it is hard to find a jacket that is more stylish.
Price: $266.00
Damask Renaissance Doublet
The design of the Damask Renaissance Doublet makes it seem like a traditional doublet from the eras of antiquity. However, what separates this doublet from its ancestors is the quality of the material and the design it features.
Price: $238.00
Nobleman's Jacket
A nobleman should always look his best, and so long as he is dressed in the Nobleman's Jacket, he will. This attractive jacket is made in a classic renaissance style, and is hand-crafted from high-quality, rich antique velvet fabric.
Price: $238.00
Nottingham Jacket
This magnificent overcoat is made of heavy black suede and features padded shoulders and collar, and eight hanging tassets, as well as dual row of false chest lacing and a lace-up front, both using a red leather string.
Price: $149.00
German Jerkin
It is considered poor taste for a gentleman not to match his ladys dress. So gentlemen, when your lady is wearing a beautiful and decorative dress, you should be wearing your German Jerkin to match her style perfectly.
Price: $199.00
Wheel of Time Rand's Red Coat
Rand Al'thor, also known as the Dragon Reborn, is the prophesized hero and protagonist of the Wheel of Time series. This Wheel of Time Rand's Red Coat reproduces a vibrant coat that will turn anyone into the Dragon Reborn.
Price: $175.00
Wheel of Time Aiel Coat
The world in the Wheel of Time series is a dangerous one. In the Aiel Wastes, this is doubly true, for it is a desert inhabited by warriors known as the Aiel, who are recognizable for garments like this Wheel of Time Aiel Coat.
Price: $115.00
King Henry Royal Doublet
Nothing will make you look as regal as a king quite like wearing a kings garments. With this King Henry Royal Doublet so readily available, it is a garment that you can add to your attire, to give yourself a royal look whenever you like.
Price: $390.00
Spanish Nobleman Vest
The Spanish Nobleman Vest offers the perfect touch to finish off your well-dressed nobleman look. The sleeveless vest is made of rich black cotton velvet and features heavy black brocade trim in wavy lines down the front.
Price: $65.00

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