Medieval & Renaissance Clothing

Enjoy browsing through the wide variety of medieval and Renaissance clothing items at Medieval Collectibles for fun, fashionable pieces that work great for Renaissance faires, theatrical productions, costume balls, LARPing, and many other occasions. Men and women can find complete medieval outfits here or put together unique period ensembles with individual pieces. We offer a wide array of medieval outerwear and knight apparel including hooded cloaks, medieval capes, monk robes, Crusader surcoats, tabbards, and period jackets. Men can dress in great style with our doublets, medieval vests, Scottish kilts, period hosen, drawstring breeches, and other fine pieces of period attire. Women look fabulous in our medieval dresses, Renaissance gowns, peasant shirts, leather bras, bloomers, corsets, medieval bodices, and waist cinchers. Our hoop skirts, bum rolls, and bustles help to create an authentic period look for the ladies. With the array of options available to you, you are certain to create a stunning medieval ensemble!
Complete Medieval Outfits for Men, Mens Period Ensembles, and Historical Clothing Sets
Complete Medieval Outfits for Men

We have done the work of assembling fine mens medieval outfits to save you time and money! Browse through this section to see the many complete mens historical ensembles, including Viking, Greek, Roman, Scottish, and English looks. You can pick from our complete Spartan outfits, medieval archer ensembles, complete musketeer outfits, and more. These mens clothing sets work great for Renaissance fairs, re-enactments, Halloween, and more.

Medieval Aprons
Medieval Aprons

Up the practicality and style of your medieval, Viking, or Renaissance outfit with a medieval apron. Take on the role of a craftsperson and protect your favorite dresses and skirts at the same time with these medieval workwear options, or add extra detail to a Norse-inspired look with apron dresses based on the clothing of Viking women. When recreating the appearance of an industrious maiden, nothing works better than an overdress apron.

Complete Medieval Outfits for Women, Womens Period Ensembles, and Historical Clothing Sets
Complete Medieval Outfits for Women

Enjoy the look of these assembled womens clothing sets at your next medieval fair, dress up party, or theatrical production. Browse through this section to see womens complete period outfits that allow you to dress in historical looks such as a medieval maiden, country wench, Renaissance lady, or Scottish lass. We have done the work of putting these fine complete medieval outfits together to save you time and money!

Medieval Cloaks, Capes and Robes
Medieval Cloaks, Capes and Robes

When you need a medieval or fantasy style cloak, hooded robes, or period cape, check out the selection available here. Our medieval cloaks and Renaissance capes keep you warm while maintaining your historical look. We carry an assortment of Crusader cloaks, hooded cloaks, Hospitaller capes, druid robes, woolen cloaks, noble lady cloaks, monks robes, fencing capes, and Templar cloaks, just to name a few.

Women's Medieval Dresses and Gowns, Renaissance Gowns, and Period Wedding Dresses
Women's Medieval Dresses and Gowns

You can feel as though you have stepped out of a storybook when you wear the beautiful period dresses and historical gowns available here! We carry a wide variety of womens medieval dresses and Renaissance gowns, ranging from peasant dresses to princess wedding gowns. Our full-length Regency gowns and court regalia offer pieces for noblewomen, while our Scottish Highlander dresses and servants dresses serve as great Renaissance fair ensembles.

Men's Medieval and Renaissance Shirts, Period Shirts, and Medieval Dress Shirts
Men's Medieval and Renaissance Shirts

Discover the perfect piece for your next historical outfit among our selection of mens medieval shirts. This section of mens renaissance shirts includes pieces suited to any period attire with our noblemans dress shirts, Viking shirts, mens peasant shirts, knight shirts, musketeer shirts, highlander shirts, fencing shirts, and more. Whether you dress like the upper class or an outlaw, you can be sure to find the medieval shirt you are hunting for.

Women's Medieval and Renaissance Shirts, Peasant Tops, and Period Blouses
Women's Medieval and Renaissance Shirts

Whether you intend to dress as a blushing country maiden or an elegant noble lady, the womens period shirts available here will give you your choice of fine medieval garments. Our Renaissance blouses, bell sleeve shirts, peasant crop tops, ladies chemise blouses, ruffled tops, Elizabethan blouses, and other womens medieval shirts serve as authentic pieces of historical dress for Renaissance fairs, the theater, or parties.

Men's Jackets, Doublets and Vests, Medieval Jerkins, and Period Coats
Men's Jackets, Doublets and Vests

If you want an authentic period ensemble, you should be sure to look through our selection of fine mens doublets, mens medieval jackets, and mens period vests. We carry pieces suited to peasants and royalty, as well as items following French, Scottish, Italian, and Spanish designs. Check out our Renaissance doublets, leather jerkins, Baroque jackets, and noblemen vests to see just a few of our charming mens period outerwear options.

Women's Jackets and Vests, Period Jackets, and Womens Frock Coats
Women's Jackets and Vests

Finish off your period ensemble with one of our comfortable and stylish womens medieval vests or womens period jackets. We carry historical styles to suit high Baroque fashion as well as peasant maidens. Our selection includes hooded vests, womens Victorian tailcoats, womens frock coats, Renaissance jackets, period bolero jackets, womens long period vests, and more! Take a moment to browse, and you will find something to suit your period outfit.

Men's Medieval Tunics, Knight Tunics, Roman Tunics, and Viking Tunics
Men's Medieval Tunics

For a heavier option than a medieval shirt, look through our collection of period tunics, ideal for Renaissance fairs and SCA events. With many long sleeve tunics and short sleeve tunics available, you can find the perfect style to suit the rest of your medieval apparel. We carry knight tunics, Viking tunics, Roman tunics, Crusader tunics, peasant tunics, archer tunics, and many more. Also, enjoy a fantasy twist with our mens elven tunics.

Women's Medieval Chemises, Renaissance Chemises, and Period Underdresses
Women's Medieval Chemises

Add authenticity to your historical garb by wearing the proper womens period undergarments. Our medieval chemises feel and look great when worn under a Renaissance gown or medieval dress. Our collection of period chemises includes full-length underdresses, wench smocks, medieval shifts, peasant girl chemises, Celtic chemises, bell sleeve chemise tops, period chemisettes, noblewoman chemises, and more! These pieces make excellent re-enactment attire.

Medieval Surcoats and Tabbards, Knight Surcoats, Crusader Surcoats, and Musketeer Tabbards
Medieval Surcoats and Tabbards

Take a moment to browse through our selection of fine knight surcoats and medieval tabbards as you finish off your period ensemble. Ideal for musketeer and Crusader looks, we carry a number of colorful musketeer tabbards, Teutonic surcoats, Templar surcoats, Hospitaller surcoats, monarch tabbards, and more. Many of our knight surcoats and warrior tabbards display heraldic symbols like lions rampant, various crosses, and fleur de lis.

Women's Leather Bras, Leather Bikini Tops, and Gothic Leather Bras
Women's Leather Bras

Check out one of the most unique clothing items you will ever see! Our assortment of womens leather bras appeal to alternative womens period attire or womens modern ensembles. We carry many designs including elven leather bras, studded leather bras, gothic leather bras, dragon leather bras, and more. These medium-weight leather brassieres make excellent leather bikini tops and armor bras for Renaissance fairs and medieval festivals.

Men's Medieval Pants, Breeches, Hosen, and Period Trousers
Men's Pants, Breeches and Hosen

Find all of your mens period pants and mens renaissance trousers here in our mens medieval legwear. We carry a wide selection of knee-length breeches, mens period tights, long medieval pants, mens hosen, medieval trews, swordsman pants, mens Victorian trousers, and noblemens breeches to browse through. Our products range from mens peasant looks to mens court garb, making these pieces of mens period legwear great choices for your medieval outfit.

Women's Pants, Tights and Bloomers, Medieval Trousers, and Renaissance Legwear
Women's Pants, Tights and Bloomers

On the times when heavy skirts and voluminous dresses do not suit your period style, give our selection of womens period legwear a chance. We carry womens medieval pants, period tights, and historical bloomers of all kinds, including items that can double as womens old-fashioned undergarments. Browse for a moment to find comfortable Renaissance trousers or medieval leggings to wear for a Renaissance fair, performances, or themed parties.

Scottish Kilts, Tartan Kilts, Modern Kilts, and Traditional Scottish Clothing
Scottish Kilts

Men and women can both appreciate the timeless appearance of a traditional Scottish kilt. The colorful look of knee-length tartan kilts makes a great option for historical Scottish dress for special occasions, while many modern kilts can be worn on an everyday basis. We offer many colors of pleated plaid kilts for those aiming for traditional Scottish dress, and our wool kilts make a fine choice for cool weather.

Women's Medieval and Renaissance Skirts, Full Length Skirts, and Period Skirts
Women's Medieval and Renaissance Skirts

Enjoy the range of options available for your historical ensembles with our selection of womens period skirts. Our medieval skirts include wench skirts, Saxon skirts, peasant skirts, farmer skirts, and more. Our paneled skirts, full-length circle skirts, and layered skirts make a great choice for Renaissance lady attire. With a petticoat or hoop skirt, you can achieve many authentic period looks for Renaissance fairs, the theater, or parties.

Women's Overbust Corsets, Sweetheart Corsets, Waist Training Corsets, and Period Corsets
Women's Overbust Corsets

The womens overbust corsets offered here come in a variety of styles ranging from bold wench bodices to elegant sweetheart corsets. We offer period overbust corsets made from leather, satin, brocade, twill, and other fine materials. Our waist-training overbust corsets help you achieve a trim middle, as well a stylish look. Many of these overbust corsets feature steel bones and go great with medieval ensembles, Renaissance outfits, or modern attire.

Women's Underbust Corsets, Renaissance Corsets, Waist Training Corsets, and Period Corsets
Women's Underbust Corsets

Sitting just under the bust, our selection of high-quality, historical underbust corsets look excellent overtop medieval attire, Renaissance dresses, and modern clothing. We carry leather underbust corsets that go with wench outfits, as well as elegant satin corsets and brocade underbusts that suit medieval lady ensembles and Victorian attire. Perfect for waist training, many of our period underbusts are steel boned corsets.

Women's Medieval Bodices, Renaissance Bodices, and Laced Period Vests
Women's Medieval Bodices

Our selection of fine period bodices and womens medieval vests look great with historical ensembles, fantasy attire, and modern clothing. Ideal for peasant and wench looks, our medieval bodices come in a variety of styles including underbust bodices, boneless vests, and side lacing bodices, as well as materials like twill, brocade, cotton, and leather. Our Renaissance bodices and princess bodices go well with noblewoman outfits.

Women's Waist Cinchers, Leather Waist Cinchers, and Period Waspies
Women's Waist Cinchers

These high quality waist cinchers trim your waistline while offering incredible style to your medieval attire, Renaissance outfits, and modern clothing. We carry many black leather waist cinchers, as well as lace overlay waspies and damask cinchers. Our womens waspie belts make great Victorian shapewear, as well as medieval cinchers. Our side-lacing waist cinchers offer an alternative to front or back fastening waspies.

Women's Hoop Skirts, Bum Rolls and Bustles, Period Shapewear, and Victorian Undergarments
Women's Hoop Skirts, Bum Rolls and Bustles

When you want a convincing womens historical ensemble, do not forget the womens period undergarments that will give you an authentic silhouette. We carry Victorian bustles, period bum rolls of various sizes, Civil War hoop skirts, Renaissance panniers, farthingales, period petticoats, full-length underskirts, and period crinolines to ensure that you can achieve the desired fullness of your skirts and emphasis of the hips and rear.