300 Rise of an Empire Greek Cape
Item #: 881030
Like the Spartans, other Greek warriors wore capes into battle. In the film, many Greek warriors favored blue as their color, and this 300 Rise of an Empire Greek Cape reflects that, offering up a blue cape for any hoplite to wear.
Price: $160.00
300 Rise of an Empire Spartan Cape
Item #: 881029
Legend states that Spartans wore capes into battle to ensure that their opponents did not see them bleed. This 300 Rise of an Empire Spartan Cape meshes well with the overall look and makes for one intimidating warrior.
Price: $195.00
Aaron Canvas Cloak
Item #: MY100149
Classic outerwear for the Renaissance fair or another historical re-enactment event, the Aaron Canvas Cloak comes in a traditional cut suitable for many different period characters. The medieval cloak features a large hood.
Price: $39.00
Abraxas Canvas Robe
Item #: MY100243
The Abraxas Canvas Robe is the perfect base for any medieval or Renaissance outfit. This historic robe pairs well with almost anything and comes in several colors, allowing for endless opportunities to mix and match this piece.
Price: $55.00
Azog Robes
Item #: MCI-3164
A successful prowl through the woods of the neighboring human kingdom requires you to hide your monstrous features beneath the hood of a tattered cloak. The Azog Robes serve as an excellent outer layer while roleplaying as an orc.
Price: $81.00
On Sale For: $76.95
Benedict Robes
Item #: MCI-3163
A versatile piece of medieval clothing, the Benedict Robe makes a great layer for your characters costume. The medieval robes are crafted from textured cotton and are secured below the neck with a tie-string and a soft leather plate.
Price: $81.00
On Sale For: $76.95
Bjorn Fur Trimmed Cape
Item #: MY100148
The perfect piece of outerwear for any warrior from the northern lands, the Bjorn Fur Trimmed Cape provides an impressive look with the faux fur trimming the edges. The rectangular cape is crafted from dense cotton canvas material.
Price: $56.00
Black and Red Dracula Cape
Item #: MCI-230
A good vampire does not necessarily need a cape, but if you are going for that classic vampire styled look, then you are going to need a cape like the Black and Red Dracula Cape, named for the most famous vampire of all.
Price: $120.00
Black and Red Velvet Hooded Cape
Item #: BR-0254
You will make a bewitching sight when you show up dressed in a gorgeous outfit draped by the Black and Red Velvet Hooded Cape. This gothic cape features a striking look with its black velvet exterior and red satin lining.
Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $108.00
Black And Silver Dracula Cape
Item #: MCI-248
A good vampire does not need a cape, but if you are going for that classic or gothic vampire look, then you are going to want a good cape like the Black and Silver Dracula Cape, named for the most famous vampire of all.
Price: $120.00
Black Lace Hooded Cape
Item #: BR-0262
The perfect evening cape to wear out on formal occasions, the Black Lace Hooded Cape will ensure that your bold ensemble draws eyes. The elegant sheer lace cape drapes all the way down to your ankles in a floral pattern.
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $72.00
Black Noble's Cloak
Naturally, nobles of the medieval and Renaissance eras prided themselves on having the best things that money could buy. Among those things were assuredly clothing, including a rich and comfortable garment like the Black Nobles Cloak.
Price: $171.00
Black Organza Hooded Cape
Item #: BR-0256
You will resemble a starlet from a bygone era when you wear this stunning sheer evening cape as a part of your ensemble. The Black Organza Hooded Cape falls to your ankles in waves of sleek, transparent fabric for a chic look.
Price: $80.00
On Sale For: $72.00
Black Velvet Hooded Cape
Item #: BR-0253
You will look like a mysterious shadow in the night as you stroll beneath the full moon in this dramatic black cape! The Black Velvet Hooded Cape makes an excellent finishing touch to any of your fancy dress ensembles.
Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $108.00
Bron Canvas Cloak
Item #: MY100261
Once upon a time, cloaks were all the rage. Transport yourself back to that time with our Bron Canvas Cloak, featuring a classic and versatile design sure to complement the style of any LARP or medieval-inspired wardrobe.
Price: $55.00
Bron Canvas Short Cape
Item #: MY100264
Sometimes all you need is something to keep your shoulders covered. That is where the Bron Canvas Short Cape comes in. Covering just the shoulders, it adds an extra layer of warmth and style without the mass of a full cloak.
Price: $20.00
Bron Shoulder Cape Cloak
Item #: MY100262
Step up your medieval outerwear game with the Bron Shoulder Cape Cloak, the perfect addition to LARP and reenactment outfits. A high neck and short cape draped over the shoulders give this full length cloak added style and warmth.
Price: $66.00
Burgundy Medieval Hooded Cape
Item #: MCI-229
The Burgundy Medieval Hooded Cloak is a cloak made from taffeta. This fabric has the same luxurious shine and feel of actual silk. It also makes for an extremely light and comfortable cloak that remains quite handsome in appearance.
Price: $98.00
Calatrava Templar Knight Cloak by Marto
Item #: MA-MF1522S
The Calatrava Templar Knight Cloak is composed of a black colored cotton, sewn red Calatrava cross fleury, which represents the typical dress of a knight in the order of Calatrava. It makes for a great Crusader look to wear.
Price: $162.00
Carl Canvas Cloak
Item #: MY100265
You cannot go wrong with the Carl Canvas Cloak. With its versatile design and durable cotton canvas construction, this cloak is an easy way to embellish any outfit or protect your body from the elements during outdoor events.
Price: $33.00
Carl Canvas Crusader Cloak
Item #: MY100390
For knights looking for a practical yet dynamic outerwear option, check out the Carl Canvas Crusader Cloak. This classic cloak features a large medieval cross on its front and is available in a variety of bold color options.
Price: $43.89
Catherine Black Lace Cape
Item #: BR-0249
An elegant cover-up when heading out for an evening at the opera or a cocktail party, the Catherine Black Lace Cape drapes from your shoulders to down past the hips in the back. The sheer lace cape displays a lovely floral pattern.
Price: $70.00
On Sale For: $63.00
Celtic Ritual Robe
Item #: MCI-147
The Celtic Ritual Robe is made of cotton and comes in many colors. The Celtic Ritual Robe is machine washable and must be hung to dry. The person wearing the robe will look fit to attend a mystic, religious, or secretive ritual.
Price: $65.00
Celtic Ritual Robe With Hood
Item #: MCI-151
The Celtic Ritual Robe With Hood is a two piece ensemble consisting of the robe and hood with shoulder cape that is lined. The Celtic Ritual Robe With Hood is made of 100 percent cotton and comes in a variety of colors.
Price: $90.00
Colin Suede Shoulder Cape
Item #: MY100147
Offering protection from the wind and weather, the Colin Suede Shoulder Cape serves as a stylish addition to your medieval apparel. Made from high-quality material, the suede cape features a tall collar that looks quite grand.
Price: $56.00
Crusaders Cape
Item #: 100584
This cape was worn by The Order of Poor Knights Of The Temple of Jerusalem. This long, hooded Crusaders Cape has a red cross embroidered on the left shoulder and is inspired by the movie Kingdom of Heaven.
Price: $98.00
Crusaders Hooded Cape
Item #: 101603
The Crusades remain one of the most significant historical events of the Middle Ages. Transform yourself into one of these iconic medieval knights and attempt to take back the Holy Lands with the help of the Crusaders Hooded Cape.
Price: $130.00
Crusaders Red Cross Cloak
Item #: AH-PA2016
The constant companion of a traveling knight is not only his sword, but also his cloak. Not only does it provide protection and anonymity, but in the case of this Crusaders Red Cross Cloak, it can also offer a fair bit of style too.
Price: $107.00
Elven Hooded Cloak
Item #: MCI-2306
Do not let the frigid air of the changing seasons keep you from patrolling the borders of the woodland. No mortal shall set foot upon this sacred realm. While wearing the Elven Hooded Cloak you will make sure this oath holds true.
Price: $66.00
On Sale For: $62.70
Embroidered Mystic Coat
Item #: MCI-364
No self-respecting sorcerer or ritual master worth their salt would dare be seen without a fine robe draped over their shoulders, which is why this Embroidered Mystic Coat is such a find, as it brings a magical touch to any ensemble.
Price: $150.00
Fencing Cape
Item #: SS-FCAPE
The Fencing Cape is modeled after a later period design that was once popular with swordsmen. The cape provides all the flair and style of wearing a flowing cape without the extra length that might hinder a swordsman during a fight.
Price: $144.00
Flowing Wizards Robe
Item #: MCI-2362
In the high fantasy realm, mages are usually at the apex of their culture, educated, highly respected, and in possession of great finery. For this reason, the Flowing Wizards Robe is one garment that no sorcerer should be without!
Price: $122.00
On Sale For: $115.90