Adora Dress
Item #: DC1123
The Adora Dress is a simple yet elegant Linen Dress with sleeves. Like most of our medieval dresses, this garment has taken inspiration from original medieval samples. The Adora dress has detachable sleeves of contrasting color.
Price: $108.00
On Sale For: $99.00
Ailith Saxon Tunic
Item #: DC1455
Step into warm elegance when you wear the Ailith Saxon Tunic. This womens ankle length tunic is made of plush, luxurious cotton velvet in a gray color. Comfortably roomy and easy to layer, this overdress is ideal for cool weather.
Price: $91.00
Alva Apron Canvas Dress
Item #: MY100427
The Alva Apron Canvas Dress takes inspiration from the overdresses, or hangerock, worn by Norse maidens during the Viking Age. Perfect for a time-traveling adventure into the exciting era when Viking raiders ruled the European coast.
Price: $55.00
Ameline Peasant Dress
Item #: DC1182
Made from 100 percent Cotton fabric, the Ameline Peasant Dress is a bodice with attached skirt. The bodice is laced to fit with brass grommets, and the full skirt is split down the front to show a modest peek of muslin underdress.
Price: $76.00
Anjou Gown
Item #: 100998
The romance of the early renaissance is captured in this courtly gown. The Anjou Gown has rich brocades, lavish trims, period rounded shoulders, and an elegant lace up back, all adding to the overall beauty of this piece.
Price: $339.00
Anne Of Cleves Overdress
Item #: DC1145
This overdress has a medieval look with the front open design. A drawstring makes it easy to wear and a curved hem makes the underdress an integral part of the look. Lace on the back of the Anne Of Cleves Overdress gives a smooth fit.
Price: $74.00
Appoline Norse Tunic
Item #: DC1449
Become a regal maiden of the court when you wear the Appoline Norse Tunic. This womens historical reenactment tunic features gorgeous panels of red accented with golden fleurs along its neckline, sleeve cuffs, and bottom hem.
Price: $54.00
Arabella Cotton Dress
Item #: DC1103
The Arabella Cotton Dress is made of glazed cotton fabric with beautiful brocade fabric in the front. The dress has puffy shoulders with elastic cuffs. The back of the dress has drawstring and loops for easy adjustability and comfort.
Price: $114.00
Austrian Kleid Gown
Item #: SS-KLEID
Demonstrating the blending of German and Italian style that was popular in Viennas cultural center, the Austrian Kleid Gown is an elegant and beautiful formal gown that is sure to make any woman feel like elegant nobility.
Price: $265.00
On Sale For: $240.00
Avington Nobles Gown
Item #: 101535
The Avington Nobles Gown is a dress fit for nobility that is made for the lady who wants to look her best, whether she is heading to her local ren fair or attending a fancy costume ball. Best of all, it is comfortable to wear too!
Price: $120.00
Avon Jupon Gown
Item #: SS-AVON
The Avon Jupon is from the early 1500s Flanders, which was considered part of northern France. Lacing on each side of the bodice makes it possible to feast and still fit this dress. Laces from the wrist to elbow provide a snug fit.
Price: $223.00
Baroque Antoinette Dress
Item #: MCI-208
Calling to mind images of opulent nobility and royalty, the Baroque Antoinette Dress is an absolutely beautiful renaissance-styled dress made from soft, luxurious taffeta that features a number of elegant and attractive design elements.
Price: $220.00
Bell Sleeve Black Medieval Dress
Item #: CF-MCI-3000
The traditional appearance of this period dress makes it a versatile option for any wardrobe, allowing you to accessorize it for many different looks. The Bell Sleeve Black Medieval Dress works well for Ren faires and re-enactments.
Price: $61.00
On Sale For: $54.90
Berengaria Gown
Item #: 100904
Made of a rich burgundy cotton velvet, this full gowns sleeves and front are dressed with rich gold material. This is one of the most beautiful period gowns we have ever offered, and it is a stellar way to look royal in your look.
Price: $179.00
Black Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress
Item #: MCI-109
The Black Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress is made from 100 percent cotton with ornament trim on the front. The Black Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress is a one piece dress that closes with lace in the front and back.
Price: $140.00
Brangwine Celtic Dress
Item #: DC1448
Attend your next historically themed event dressed as elegant as a goddess when you wear the Brangwine Celtic Dress. Made of ivory linen fabric, this full length Celtic gown features dramatic trumpet sleeves and gorgeous embroidery.
Price: $73.00
Brown Baroque Renaissance Gown
Item #: MCI-183
The Brown Baroque Renaissance Gown is a two-piece dress that is perfect for occasions requiring a look that speaks of refinement and elegance. Made in brown taffeta, this bodice and skirt pair laces in the back, making it adjustable.
Price: $199.00
Brown Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress
Item #: MCI-132
The Brown Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress is made from 100 percent cotton with ornament trim on the front. The Brown Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress is a one piece dress that closes with lace in the back.
Price: $140.00
Burgundy Fair Maidens Gown
Item #: MCI-128
The Burgundy Fair Maidens Gown is made from a red high quality velvet fabric with silver trim. There is lacing on both the front and back of the dress which can be adjusted to fit your figure.
Price: $275.00
Burgundy Medieval Ball Gown
Item #: MCI-117
The Burgundy Medieval Ball Gown is a charming medieval gown that has over 150 pearls embroidered into it. The Burgundy Medieval Ball Gown closes with laces in the back. This Burgundy Medieval Ball Gown is great for Medieval Weddings.
Price: $450.00
Cailin Scottish Ensemble
Item #: MCI-178
The Cailin Scottish Ensemble looks like it came right from Scotland. This two piece dress ensemble includes the white under gown and the green plaid over gown. The over gown is made of a high quality tartan fabric.
Price: $165.00
Calla Canvas Dress
Item #: MY100130
The perfect way to start your next period ensemble, the Calla Canvas Dress offers a simple yet attractive design suitable for Ren faires and other festivals scheduled in cooler months due to its high-quality cotton canvas fabric.
Price: $55.00
Castleford Gown
Item #: 101431
This is an excellent and stunning alternative to wearing a heavy period gown. The Castleford Gown is made of lightweight poly-cotton. This shapely dress gives the illusion of wearing both an under chemise and over gown.
Price: $99.00
Catherine Victorian Style Dress
Item #: MCI-181
The Catherine Victorian Style Dress is an absolutely gorgeous Victorian-era gown made from high-quality taffeta, it features beautiful lace trim and ornamentation, and fastens via laces in the back, ensuring that the dress is highly adjustable.
Price: $140.00
Celtic Dress
The women of the Rhine-Danube Valley wore this simple dress over a lein or chemise, creating a style that remains appealing even to this day. The Celtic Dress is a dress that can be worn with chemises and skirts to great effect.
Price: $180.00
Charlotte Victorian Style Dress
Item #: MCI-182
The Charlotte Victorian Style Dress is unmistakably designed in the style of the Victorian era, this beautiful one-piece dress is made in taffeta, features absolutely stunning decoration, and fastens via laces in the back, ensuring adjustability.
Price: $140.00
Clara Canvas Overdress
Item #: MY100557
Confidently waltz through the room feeling like the most stylish maiden in the land while dressed in the Clara Canvas Overdress. Its sleeveless, lace-up bodice and open, gathered skirt are great for layering over your favorite outfit.
Price: $44.00
Classic Medieval Maiden Dress
Item #: MCI-306
The Classic Medieval Maiden Dress is a beautiful, bi-colored dress that will successfully transform any modern-day woman into a beautiful medieval maiden. The dress is made from natural woven cotton and is extremely adjustable.
Price: $130.00
Classic Noble Ladies Dress
Item #: MCI-121
The Classic Noble Ladies Dress is a three piece dress ensemble consisting of a chemise, bodice and skirt. The chemise is made from a high end white satin fabric. The bodice is made of black high quality velvet fabric and fully lined.
Price: $275.00
Countess Dracula Dress - Black and Red
Item #: MCI-214
For an elegant and beautiful gothic look, nothing can beat the Countess Dracula Dress. This absolutely beautiful dress is made from high-quality black and red fabrics and fastens with laces on the front and back, making it highly adjustable.
Price: $180.00
Countess Dracula Dress - Black and Silver
Item #: MCI-215
For an elegant and beautiful gothic look, nothing can beat the Countess Dracula Dress. This stunning dress is made from high-quality black and red fabrics and fastens with laces on the front and back, making it highly adjustable.
Price: $180.00
Countess Italian Style Dress
Item #: MCI-190
The Countess Italian Style Dress is a garment fit for royalty, this elegant two-piece consists of an under-gown and a long over-gown that trails behind the wearer. Highly adjustable, this dress fastens using laces on the front and back of the garment.
Price: $220.00