Larp Armor

Live Action Role Play (LARP) games have become an exceedingly popular past-time and diversion in the recent years. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer a wide assortment of live action role play gear that is not only suitable for LARPing, but its made for it; not only do we offer dozens upon dozens of weapons which are perfect for any intrepid LARPer, but we also have the LARP armor to ensure that whatever weapon is hurtling your way at speed, you have the right armor to offer the protection you need. And no matter what type of warrior you are, you can find the LARP armor you need here: if you like to encase yourself in nothing short of steel, we have got several varieties of steel LARP armor that are perfect for almost any character look. Or if you happen to think steel slows you down, we also have leather LARP armor that is a perfect medium between defense and mobility. Oh, and did we mention that virtually all of it looks very cool? It does; our steel LARP armor is fit for a shining knight or a destroying conqueror, our Roman LARP armor would make a centurion smile, and our leather LARP armor is just what any assassin or archer needs. And what kind of LARP armor provider would we be if we did not offer you great head protection, too? On top of our already-awesome LARP armor, we also provide a number of totally stylish LARP helmets which, while not only making you and by extension, your character look that much cooler, but many also provide much needed cranial protection although our best policy is to never get hit in the head in the first place. But do not let the LARP descriptor fool you; as great as our LARP armor is for live action role play games, its equally at home when used as theater props or costumes, or when worn during re-enactments.
LARP Body Armor, LRP Body Armor and Live Action Role Playing Body Armor
LARP Body Armor

Whether you are using our LARP body armor as theater props and costumes, for re-enactments and battle, or for actual live action role play, you are bound to be impressed by its performance and appearance. Medieval Collectibles is happy to carry and provide a diverse array of LARP body armor, to ensure that no matter what type of armor you are looking for, you can find it here. Do not leave your protection to chance: whether you are an archer, a king, a dark elf, an orc, or just a darkly armored warrior, we carry the LARP body armor that you need to keep yourself safe from harm.

LARP Helmets, LARP Helms and Live Action Roleplaying Helmets
LARP Helmets

Any warrior with a modicum of common sense will tell you that your head is rather important; losing it can cost you the battle both literally and metaphorically. And while Medieval Collectibles cannot do a single thing to help you stay calm in the heat of intense LARP combat, we can give you the LARP helmets that will keep your head physically safe. Our LARP helmets come in two materials: leather and polyurethane. Our leather LARP helmets are light and comfortable, and actually provide a small level of protection to your head although we do not recommend that you stand still and let people hit you repeatedly on the head, either.