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Pirate Hats

What's a pirate without a hat? Still a pirate, but probably an irate one, whose missing hat is likely still a sore issue that's best left unmentioned. If you're one of these hatless pirates, then don't despair. Just check out Medieval Collectibles, where you can browse our Pirate Hats section until you find just what you want! We carry all manner of pirate hats, ranging from the incredibly ornate to the classically simple, and each one of them is perfectly suited for any scallywag to wear whenever they're off sailing the high seas in search of pillage and plunder. Many (but not all) of our pirate hats are classic tricorn hats, which are commonly and famously associated with pirates, oftentimes being the hat of choice for such famous pirates as Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain James Hook. Other pirate hats are bicorn hats, while others still are bandanas, wraps, and head-ties, all of which featuring classic pirate style. Whether you're putting together a pirate costume for the first time or seeking a replacement hat (either to replace one already lost or just to preempt disaster), you can find virtually all the Pirate Hats you'll ever need or want here at Medieval Collectibles. Please note, however, that some pirates rank each other based on their hats, and that a grand hat might invite challenges from your own captain, or from other captains who think themselves your better.
Captain Jack Tricorn
This Tricorn Hat is inspired by the swashbuckling antics of Captain Jack and is for those who still live by the Code. It is made from top grain leather with a weathered dark brown finish and is a must for any pirate.
Price: $75.00
Blackbeard Pirate Hat
It is not hard to imagine a fearsome pirate like Blackbeard favoring an ornate hat. After all, in the old world, even a hat could be viewed as a symbol of status. So display your wealth and power by wearing the Blackbeard Pirate Hat.
Price: $33.00
Capitano Hat
Worn in Barcelona, Spain in the late 16th century, the Renaissance-era Capitano evolved into the 17th century Cavalier hat. Our durable reproduction is made of suede velvet and constructed with buckram using traditional methods.
Price: $132.00
Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat
And now you, too, can feel like a genuine pirate of the Caribbean with the Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat. This authentic tricorn is a licensed reproduction of the hat that was used during the incredible film, 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.
Price: $20.00
Skull and Crossbones Leather Hat
This stylish variation of the standard pirate tricorn hat is certain to make your crews blood run cold. This fine black leather hat has an antiqued brass skull and crossbones emblazoned on the front.
Price: $78.00
Pirates Black Bandana
The Black Pirate Bandana has a suede-like textured finish with rough weathered lace to show that you can pillage and plunder the high seas right away. It is made from 100% rayon and looks great on its own or under a tricorn.
Price: $34.00
Black Scallywag Hat
The Black Scallywag Hat is a blocked tricorn hat that has been made the old-fashioned way - by pressing the material around a shaped block. This attention to detail makes the Black Scallywag Hat a great hat for pirates.
Price: $20.00
Jack Sparrow Pirate Scarf
At first glance, this red scarf is fairly unassuming. Appearances, however, can be deceiving, as this is the Jack Sparrow Pirate Scarf, a licensed replica of the scarf worn by the pirate during the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
Price: $12.00
Scalawag Tricorn Hat
These sturdy pirate tricorn hats are made of 100% polyester, which has been textured to look like weathered suede. Our Scalawag Tricorn Hat is available in colors midnight black, blood red, or classic brown.
Price: $25.00
Old Black Pirate Hat
Nothing quite says old scallywag like a good pirate hat. The Old Black Pirate Hat is styled after the traditional tricorn hat of the 18th century. This authentic hat makes for a great accessory that will complete any pirate costume.
Price: $20.00
Admiral's Tricorn Hat
In the ancient world, hats could, in a small way, be used to ascertain an individuals social status and personal power - the more ornate the hat the higher the rank. Wearing the Admiral's Tricorn Hat, you too will appear to have status.
Price: $30.00
Pirate's Leather Head Wrap
The Pirates Leather Head Wrap is truly a manly-man accessory. This simple, stylish head wrap is styled after the wraps that were worn for centuries by men on the sea and off for reasons of personal style or safety.
Price: $14.00
Jack Sparrow Pirate Scarf with Dreads
Whether you are trying to complete your appearance as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow or just trying to look like your own variant of a Caribbean pirate, the Jack Sparrow Pirate Scarf with Dreads is a great accessory to use.
Price: $25.00
Lady's Ornate Buccaneer Hat
You did not often see a woman on a pirate ship, but that does not mean that ladies cannot be pirates. In fact, she can be a pretty darn good one. Not only can she be fierce, but she can also be stylish in her Ladys Ornate Buccaneer Hat.
Price: $11.00
Kid's Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat
Now, kids to can join in the craze inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. With their very own Kid's Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat, they will look like a little pirate, especially if they are trying to mimic Captain Jack Sparrow.
Price: $20.00
Deluxe Molded Pirate's Hat
Some pirates were less concerned with their appearance and more concerned with pillaging merchant ships. If that sounds like you, than this Deluxe Molded Pirates Hat is probably the hat for you, thanks to its simple, comfortable style.
Price: $7.00
Gov'nah Tricorn Hat
This piece is a true status symbol. This Tricorn Hat is made of a stiff, black ultra suede material. Resplendent in gold braid, red trim, and soft white-feathered accents, this Tricorn Hat is a perfect addition to a pirate outfit.
Price: $35.00
Lady's Buccaneer Hat
Female pirates are a rarity. Typically, they dressed up as men and went incognito, with the male crew being none the wiser to their presence. But for the female pirates who will not hide themselves, we offer the Lady's Buccaneer Hat.
Price: $25.00
Old Brown Pirate Hat
Nothing quite says old scallywag like a good pirate hat. The Old Brown Pirate Hat is styled after the traditional tricorn hat of the 18th century. This authentic hat makes for a great accessory that will complete any pirate costume.
Price: $20.00
Buccaneer Beauty Head Scarf
Pirates often have to make difficult choices. Luckily, you do not have to choose between beauty and plunder, because with this Buccaneer Beauty Head Scarf, you can accent your good pirate looks and still get your treasure in the end.
Price: $5.00
Decorative Pirate Captain's Hat
Naturally, the pirate captain would look the best among his crew, thanks to a higher position and a larger share of the plunder. This Decorative Pirate Captains Hat makes it easy to identify yourself as a captain of quality.
Price: $12.00
Red Scallywag Hat
The Red Scallywag Hat is a blocked tricorn hat that has been made the old-fashioned way - by pressing the material around a shaped block. This attention to detail makes the Black Scallywag Hat a great hat for pirates.
Price: $20.00
Beaded Pirate's Tricorn Hat
There was not a dreaded scallywag on the seven seas that would not dare be caught without their hat. This Beaded Pirates Tricorn Hat is quite the impressive accessory, featuring everything a pirate could ever want in a hat and more.
Price: $7.00
Deluxe Tricorn Hat
Pirates were not the only ones who wore hats like the Deluxe Tricorn Hat. In fact, this style of hat was popular with many sailors, as the shape was convenient and comfortable, as well as effective at keeping water out of the face.
Price: $8.00
Deluxe Pirate's Tricorn Hat
If you are looking for just the hat to top off your pirate clothing, than look no further than this Deluxe Pirates Tricorn Hat. This hat is ideal for enhancing a traditional pirate ensemble, thanks to its shape and its decorative look.
Price: $6.00
Mini Buccaneer Beauty Hat
If it is a pirates life for you, lass, well, than this Mini Buccaneer Beauty Hat is just the headpiece to wear! Not only does this hat allow a woman to maintain a level of elegance, but it also features a style not seen in larger hats!
Price: $10.00
Leather Pirate Hat
There is no better way to finish off your pirate look than with a rakish hat like the Leather Pirate Hat! This high quality pirate headwear features excellent craftsmanship and an authentic appearance for taking to the high seas.
Price: $101.00
On Sale For: $90.90
Sexy Pirate Hat
This Sexy Pirate Hat has many advantages that can put it square above some of its larger cousins, especially when it comes to a woman who is serious about her looks. This impressive hat is small in size without being short on detail.
Price: $9.90
Pirate Scarf Headband
There's a reason why pirates wore hats and scarfs. Not only does it keep their hair safe from the elements, but it also keeps their hair out of their way. An added bonus, though, is that wearing this Pirate Scarf Headband also enhances one's looks.
Price: $5.00
Miniature Pirate Beauty Skull Hat
There is not a she-pirate on the waves that would not find herself jealous of this Miniature Pirate Beauty Skull Hat. This adorable hat is elegant and feminine, while also featuring a striking pirate look.
Price: $10.00
Skull and Feathered Pirate Hat
There are certain things that a pirate always takes seriously. The first is their treasure, the second is their ship, and the third is their hat. When pirates want an imposing hat, they turn to this Skull and Feathered Pirate Hat.
Price: $6.50
Deluxe Child's Tricorn Hat
What child does not dream of sailing the seas as a pirate, enjoying freedom, fame, and riches in equal measure? With this Deluxe Childs Tricorn Hat, they will start to look the part with this classic hat situated atop their head.
Price: $6.00
Naval Admiral Bicorn Hat
Go Pirate hunting or protect the coast line with the Costume Admiral Bicorn. This bicorn is modeled after the hats worn by naval officials in the late 18th century. Bravery and determination go hand in hand with this elegant hat.
Price: $30.00
Buccaneer Captain's Hat
Some say that a pirate captains skill and verve can be measured by looking at his hat. If that is the case, than whoever wears this Buccaneer Captains Hat is definitely an impressive pirate captain, by any definition of the word.
Price: $10.00
Simple Pirate Hat
Not all pirates were concerned with their appearances. Some preferred simple attire, and those that did often preferred hats, like this Simple Pirate Hat, that were light and effective, as well as being almost completely unadorned.
Price: $4.00
French Napoleon Hat
This hat is modeled after the ones worn by military and naval officials in the late 18th century. So take over the world with the Costume Napoleon Hat and see who want to lend their allegiance with such a mighty conqueror.
Price: $30.00
Jolly Roger Pirate Bicorn
Be the scourge of the seven seas with the Costume Pirate Hat. Whether you are searching the high seas for treasure or sitting at your favored tavern having a drink this hat is sure to let all in the room know where your allegiance lie
Price: $20.00
Mini Steampunk Pirate Hat
No pirate ensemble can be complete without the perfect swashbuckler hat to set off the look! The Mini Steampunk Pirate Hat makes a great option whenever you are dressing up as a lovely buccaneer with incredible steampunk flair.
Price: $14.00

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