Medieval Clothing and Renaissance Clothing

Medieval Collectibles is your source for high quality, hand-crafted Renaissance, Medieval, and Fantasy clothing appropriate for SCA, LARP, Weddings, Renaissance Festivals, Theater and more! Whether you are strolling around the Faire, planning a Medieval wedding, or dancing around the fires at Pennsic War, we create apparel that will take you back through the ages with timeless grace and beauty. In our medieval and renaissance clothing category you will find men and women clothing that has everything from jerkins, tunics and surcoats to bodices, chemises and medieval dresses. We have medieval and renaissance shirts and hats that come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors. To keep you warm during that cold medieval faire we have medieval cloaks, capes and robes. Finally we have period footwear like leather boots, suede boots and dress shoes to keep your feet warm and to add the final touches to your medieval outfit.
Fantasy T-Shirts

Do you enjoy a stylish graphic tee? If you do, you might be excited to know that Medieval Collectibles features a whole section of completely and totally awesome shirts for you to wear. A far cry from our typical clothing, this is not your every-day fair-wear; here, you will find dozens upon dozens of some of the coolest fantasy t-shirts you have ever seen. These shirts are great for every-day wear; you could do worse than to have a few of these floating around in your closet or dresser. And as far as designs go, each and everyone one of our fantasy t-shirts are extremely cool; they also come in a assortment of different colors, which not only provides that much more variety, but also breaks the monotony of dozens of black t-shirts with printed designs.

Period Footwear, Medieval Shoes, Steampunk Shoes, and Gothic Footwear

Browse our selection of period and modern footwear to find the perfect pair of boots or shoes for a Renaissance fair, convention, costume event, wedding, or daily wear. Medieval Collectibles carries historical footwear, steampunk boots, gothic footwear, and pirate shoes for men, women, and kids to enjoy. Our leather boots, combat boots, silk slippers, Roman sandals, and platform heels are just a few of the high quality options you will find here.

Medieval & Renaissance Clothing, Period Attire, and Renaissance Faire Apparel
Medieval & Renaissance Clothing

Men and women can be sure to discover excellent period attire here. We offer a large collection of medieval apparel and Renaissance finery, including items knight surcoats, aristocratic doublets, peasant tunics, Scottish kilts, and breeches for men. Women will encounter stunning period dress with our chemises, hoop skirts, corsets, peasant tops, Renaissance gowns, and more. Everyone will love our medieval cloaks, monks robes, and period jackets.

Medieval Headwear, Medieval Hats, Crowns, Tiaras and Headbands
Medieval Headwear

Medieval Collectibles is your source for different and unique Medieval and Renaissance hats and headwear. Here you will find headwear of Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic and Fairytale designs. We have medieval crowns for the Kings and Queens, tiara crowns for the princesses and hats for the nobleman and peasants. Our medieval circlets are made of sterling silver and are a great accessory for that renaissance costume. We have many styles of medieval and renaissance hats such as cavalier hats, muffin hats, snoods and berets. Men's medieval crowns are gold plated and encrusted with sparkling jewels, while the women's crowns are plated in sterling silver and covered in rhinestones. Our medieval tiaras are great for medieval weddings.

Pirate Clothing, Buccaneer Apparel, and Swashbuckler Clothes
Pirate Clothing

Avast, me hearties! Here, wannabe buccaneers can find a fantastic array of mens pirate clothes and womens pirate apparel suitable for a dashing sea captain, rakish picaroon, saucy pirate wench, or commanding mistress of the ship! Our pirate shirts, swashbuckler coats, sailor vests, and pirate pants look great on anyone, while ladies in particular will enjoy our period corsets, pirate bodices, leather bras, and pirate skirts in their look.

Gothic Clothing, Gothic Shirts, Gothic Jackets, Gothic Dresses and Gothic Skirts
Gothic Clothing

Enjoy the latest in gothic fashion with our variety of attire for men and women. Ranging from casual t-shirts and gothic hoodies to formal dresses and pants, this category offers a wide array of options. Our gothic jackets, punk coats, and long sleeve shirts make a great choice for cool weather, while our sleeveless tops and gothic skirts feel great during the summer. Be sure to check out our gothic shapewear like spiked corsets and brocade vests!

Steampunk Clothing, Neo-Victorian Fashion, Steampunk Couture, and Steampunk Accessories
Steampunk Clothing

Our steampunk category hosts a wide assembly of Neo-Victorian fashion and steampunk couture for men and women. Take a moment to browse through our stylish steampunk corsets, steampunk shirts, steampunk pants, steampunk skirts, steampunk dresses, steampunk coats, and more to see a fraction of our collection. We also carry a number of steampunk clothing accessories to finish off your steampunk cosplay ensemble.

Modern Clothing, Womens Contemporary Clothes, and New Age Apparel
Modern Clothing

Check out our modern clothing with a subtle touch of medieval style here in this category. Our new age apparel and contemporary fashions offer trendy looks for men and women to enjoy, including items like sleeveless sundresses, printed blazers, formal trousers, dress shirts, and bell sleeve blouses. For casual modern apparel or fancier contemporary styles, browse through our latest additions to find something that fits your look.

Medieval, Renaissance and Pirate Plus Size Clothing, Mens Plus Size Attire, and Womens Plus Size Apparel
Medieval, Renaissance and Pirate Plus Size Clothing

Men and women with larger frames will find our fine medieval clothing, Renaissance attire, and pirate apparel offered in plus sizes in this category. Our plus sized period apparel includes pieces like pirate pants, Renaissance shirts, medieval vests, and pirate coats. Those with larger body types can still look fabulous at Renaissance fairs, medieval festivals, and themed parties with these pieces of period clothing.

Oriental Clothing and Samurai Clothing
Oriental Clothing

Check out our selection of traditional oriental clothing from various Asian cultures around the world. This growing section includes Japanese warrior attire, such as samurai pants, kimono, and samurai vests. More pieces may be added at a later date to widen our variety of historical eastern dress for both men and women.

Children's Medieval & Renaissance Clothing, Kids Period Clothing, and Kids Pirate Clothing
Children's Medieval & Renaissance Clothing

Many of our best adult styles have been adapted to suit children with our new line of period kids clothing. We carry kids medieval clothing and Renaissance attire for boys and girls, as well as childrens pirate clothes and kids fantasy apparel. Take a moment to browse our high quality selection of girls Renaissance dresses, boys sailor vests, kids Celtic robes, childrens tabards, kids capes, girls pirate skirts, kids period shirts, and more!